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i wanna be somewhere else! Beijing is boring me already... I wanna travel somewhere. Lemme ask everyone to go on a trip with me....
Beijing is fine... school is alright.
I have overestimated my Chinese reading ability. Okay, REPHRASE: I have overestimated my Chinese academic reading ability. I guess academically, my mother tongue is Chinese. I haven't really learned any academic terms or theories or ideas or history in Chinese before, well, with the exception of fractions, +/-/x// or Chinese language and chinese history. I even learned the names of stitches in english - not that I remember it.
Well, I guess I'll needa  bother someone to borrow me some books again.
People are really smart here. Sometimes I feel really inadequate, if not inconfident. How come I'm not smart and intelligent and clever, and... book-smart? and street-smart for that matter.
Well for one, I can tell people are REALLY REALLY hard-working and serious about school-work here. Maybe I'm just, genetically, not, of course.
Courtland really wanted to go to this abandoned amusement park. Mom said we should really be careful of the "inhibitants" there; according to here, no land in Beijing is really abandoned. Hope it'll be fun, if it really happens.
This week is thanksgiving already?

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photo by: Deats