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yup, still in beijing.
It just feels like I've met more international people here in China than the sum of the int'l people I met in the USA. Weird, but not really.
I am seriously considering traveling alone for once, maybe. The reason why I said I am "considering" it is because it just sounds too scary. Not the I-might-get-lost-in-a-strange-country-whose-language-i-dont-know, but rather it is the solitude that I fear. I don't particularly seek out solitude, by the way, and I fear solitude at times.
The reason why I brought up traveling alone is because Michelle at dinner said that she went to Vietnam by herself. I thought that was awesome, considering, I think, she doesn't have any ties to Vietnam. She said the first few days were scary and homesick, but then she made friends and had a blast i guess.
I am scared of the mere thought, still. I am really not afraid of getting lost and not knowing how to ask others for directions, or not knowing what to order on a menu; I suppose I am a natural problem-solver. It is the thought of being alone, completely alone, no company, that is stopping me from travelling alone. I mean, does traveling alone is all that? What are the advantages, other than having virtually absolute freedom to go anywhere at anytime? I can just find a like-minded friend to travel together, too. And there is always compromise. So, really, why travel alone?
Now I really don't know if I want to do that. I remember feeling absolutely horrible when I have to go to the Cancun airport by myself. I don't like that. Also, if I want to be alone, I can do it anywhere in this country, or in my life, in general, sadly. Why bother to travel alone? Nonetheless, I admire those courageous people who travel on their own. Must have a lot of mental blocks to overcome. I guess one of the things I hope to get out of traveling alone is to learn how to live with myself, and to get along with myself.  跟自己相处.
I don't know, I guess when I HAVE to, and I am mentally ready, then I'll travel alone. For now, let me stick to people no matter how much I hate them/their company.
Aopaq says:
Interesting topic you have discussed in this entry! I think you definitely have an understanding of what solo travelling involves, especially with respect to learning how to live with and get along with oneself. Travelling alone is not for everyone, but I think from your entry, that you will certainly know when it is right for you.
BTW, I am definitely a person who prefers to travel solo.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2007
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