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I just have to make a note of this. I really find my public assets teacher very adorable/admirable. No, I am not having a crush on my 60-year-old teacher.
It is because he looks genuinely excited and enthusiastic talking about socialism and public property. Really, in every class, once he began teaching about socialism and Marxism, he started talking louder and there would be an eternal smile on his face. I am definitely not laughing at him or finding him funny, but more amused by his enthusiasm.
I mean, I was brought up in the most capitalist places in the world - HK and the US. Socialism and Communism are sources of jokes. Suddenly, I've met someone who is actually a socialist, and they didn't mean it as a joke or trying to seek attention (you know how some people self-proclaims to be something weird or trying really hard to be "different").
I am not judging which system is better or more beneficial - I still don't know enough of either yet; but what I am saying is, it is interesting to finally meet someone who believes in public property, and not Adam Smith or Keynes. And they are not joking.
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