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So it turned out I can't go to Vietnam when I was supposed to. I must say i'm very dissappointed. I aways wanted to go there, and it was supposed to all work out, you know, i arrive in HK, get my visa, join Hing in Kunming, maybe tour around the area, and off to Vietnam and play. I even found cheap plane tickets from Shenzhen to Kunming!
Turned out arriving in Hong Kong at the supposed time was a bad idea. Not only does my school not allow it, however indirectly, it's just soo much cheaper to fly later in the summer, like mid- or late-august. The price difference is up to 500USD! Yea... unforunately, I rather value those 500USD so I can go to more places, later on.
Staying in NYC is still feeling pretty depressing to me. I really don't like this city more and more. It's not pleasant to live here, or maybe it's just my social circle. We'll see.
Was talking to Alex and Rose and Peter the other, we're definitely IN for Euro-trip next summer. That's good. At least I still have something to look forward to.
I was just looking at this blog's title, and then I thought how inappropriate is my recent experiences to fit with being in "Asia" (i'm not in asia anymore). Then I thought, well, right now I'm just in-between asia. Shall return shortly. So, how about, it's still an Asian-travel blog, and i'm just taking a break and recording it as well.
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