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So today (well, technically yesterday) I went to Chelsea Piers with Amy and Peter to G.O.L.F.!!!! It's my first real golfing experience. The first couple of swings I just felt funny holding the club and swinging, and so I never once hit the ball. Then Peter started couching more enthusiastically, like must keep my arms straight, knees bent etc. Then I did well, i could hit the ball and swang it quite far. Shortly after, my arms got tired and I resolved to just sitting on benches and wait for my turn to hit a ball. It was fun nonetheless. Probably will do it again just to get decent at it. Now I want to try it on a real golf course since the one we went to was just a ... stimulated golf course. Hmm i wonder what those called.
After golfing, we went to Jamba Juice in Union Square (i was CRAVING for jamba juice) for some smoothie lovin'. then proceeded to Peter's Union Square 2-floor apartment. We just sat around for hours until past 7 with Yayi and Connie, when I started getting up for some Chipotle Mexican food which I've been craving for a year abroad in China. It wasn't so far away; it was just in St Marks. Funny how after barely a year, I almost forgot most of NYC geography - i almost got lost walking from Union Sq to St Mark's!
Then went back to the apt and had our Mexican food, watched a bit of Flavor of Love (disgusted while lovin' it!) then we thought, let's get some wine too! Walked over to Trader Joe's. They have a separate wine shop! Isn't that pretty cool! So we walked into the wine shop, and this time around, we were going for French wine, oh, except we know absolutely nothing about wine! Alas, Amy had to ask a stock-person there for a recommendation... jst a BIT embarrassing lol!
Went back to the apt again, had some wine in plastic cups and watched west wing. I was gonna stay there a lot longer, but then I got a bit uncomfortable (i think i'm a bit sick) and sleepy, so I reckoned I should go home and sleep comfortably. I walked home; I walked from Union Sq back to Chinatown. It was a long walk and the whole time I was just thinking about all the horror stories of girls getting robbed and mugged and raped and murdered on the dark streets of NYC. So I picked the "brightest" and most populated streets to walk on. This is truly a city that never sleeps; practically everywhere I went or looked, there were people! I love walking on a non-crowded street of NYC in a very pleasantly breezy night. While I still am not in love with NY, tonight was a pleasant night with the Big Apple.
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