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See how far I've gone? After this pic, I went much higher up and much less repaired steps, too.
When people ask me to go to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and all that good stuffs in BJ, I am weary because to be hoenst, these really touristy sites do not deserve my third visit. However, this time, I can't even describe how GLAD i am to go on this trip. Definitely once in a lifetime experience even though Jeremy & Faye & Steven have been on the Wall several times already.
Just got back from the 黄崖关 of the Great Wall, in TianJing. The BJ ward organized this overnight trip. We stayed at this "hotel", built in the traditional chinese way. I would almost say it looks like a 四合院, if that makes any sense at all. The hotel claims that it is built based on the 八卦 and I actually believed them, because I spent a good 15-mins to get back to my room when I realized I was just walking in circles.
Isn't it amazing and magnificent? And imagine this, on most part of Chinese borders.
It is a maze. I kept saying when I grow up, I'll either get married in some place like this or I'll build my house according to those crazy Chinese math and when someone comes visit me, I'll hand them a map of my house. heh.
The trip was fun. During the day, we walked ALL THE WAY up the top of the mountain, along the Great Wall. Magnificent view and sore legs, essentially. I think I'd be scared of the sight of stairs for another week or so; I've climbed soooo many stairs, and those stairs aren't small steps; they are so steep that some of them I had to use both my hands and legs. You've got to wonder how those little Chinese build this thing at least a century ago, at a cliff. Amazing. It took a much more painful time to walk, of course, down a cliff.
See how steep those steps are! And imagine walking downhill
Dad, maybe one day I'll go to 黄山, and I'll let you know the differences.
At night, I had a really filling barbecue dinner and enjoyed a mini talent show by different auxiliaries, including us, the young single adults. The show was fun and entertaining. I think everyone had a good time. Oyea, they also had fireworks at the end of the bonfire. We were sitting RIGHT UNDERNEATH those fireworks and occassionally the ashes fell on our heads. It was interesting, though, because I've never been so close to fireworks.
By bedtime, which was 11 because we were all so tired from the hike during the day, we walked once again to the great wall and unfolded our sleeping bags on a tower. No tents, may I add. I almost cried at the sight of stairs.
Just hanging out, listening to others talk about having a Halo Great Wall Launch party. Yup, that's what we talked about on top of the mountain on the Great Wall of China.
But it was definitely worth the walk because when I woke up in the middle of the night, all I saw was, MANY stars. Beaucoup des estoiles (or something that spells like that). Merely the idea of sleeping on the Great Wall is exciting, I kept waking up reminding myself, "I am on the Great Wall." and I looked around, I was on the Great Wall. It just makes me really excited, and happy. I mean, how often do you hear, "hey, let's go sleep on the Great Wall in China!" I don't, personally.
On Sunday morning, we woke up, had breakfast, had a short service and took the bus back to BJ. I slept through the bus ride and that was blissful.
Speaking of bliss, I really really appreciate hot water now. I had to take an ice cold shower this morning because I was so disgusting that I couldn't even stand myself.
travelman727 says:
Thanks for the great information! In May 2008, I will highly consider going to this part of the Great Wall :-)
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
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See how far Ive gone? After this …
See how far I've gone? After this…
Isnt it amazing and magnificent? …
Isn't it amazing and magnificent?…
See how steep those steps are! And…
See how steep those steps are! An…
Just hanging out, listening to oth…
Just hanging out, listening to ot…
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