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.... yup, that's what i was talking about.
so this morning I woke up having the BIGGEST ache. I've never ached and sored sooo bad, and mindya, I've been trained quite extensively in many sports and I would still say this is the biggest ache.
So snowboarding is hard for me, who baiscally has the balance of an infant.
At first, Fred and I went on the bunny slope and it wasn't THAT bad. We then challenged the "beginner' slopr" (an infamous example of english spelling in china). I did fine, and by fine I meant I went STRAIGHT downhill without falling except when I wanted to stop.
Then, Fred and I, being our arrogant selves, said, ok, let's go to the hardest slope. I couldn't even went on the hill. The place didn't have a lift; you have to grab onto the stick that swings by and it'd pull you uphill. That in itself is a challenge, physically. My whole body basically was fixated to NOT trip. I think i've only had 1 or 2 lifts uphill without falling once. Sometimes I'd just walk uphill because it could be so much more "relaxing" than grabbing onto the stick and balancing and NOT tripping.
So back to the hardest slope, it looked scary for a first-time snowboarder, aka moi. If I had skis, I wouldn't have thought twice before running downhill. However, considering that I still fell on the "beginner' slopr", it looked taunting. Of course I'd had to go down eventually, and must i say, the slope seemed to me the LONGEST slope ever. I fell soooo many times and sooooo hard. When I basically rolled down 2/3 of the slope, I looked down and I was like... ok, 1/3 more to go... I DONT WANT TO! I almost gave up.
Fred wasn't doing so well, either. So, during lunchtime, we were going to switch back to skis, something we know we could have fun in. But then, we'd have to pay more, like 30RMB/hr more, to rent the skis. I didn't want to spend unnecessary money so I sticked to snowboarding while Fred changed into skis.
Lunch was alright. I didn't eat much.
After lunch, I bugged MJ to teach me how to snowboard. He has been very patient with me and told me how to turn and such. I fell sooooooooooo many times. I think everyone else must be secretly laughing at me. I fell sooo many times that it is almost impossible for me to get up again. I'm not even kidding. Sometimes I'll have to motivate myself to get up, like thinking of all those motivational quotes like "winners don't give up but losers do" or like idk... persistence something something, and also like in those movie scenes how the characters don't give up and I imagined myself being in a motivational movie... It was hard to get up.
Then he told me to go on the hardest slope because then I could pick up more speed (WTF) and thus, easier to make the turns/zigzag.
I was scared when I was once again on the top of the hardest slope, but then I thought, not only do I eventually HAVE TO go downhill, but also I'd have to overcome my mental blocs. This saying is sooo true, at least for me: your biggest enemy is yourself. ANyways, I tried again, fell every 5 sec (not exaggerating) and got up every 1 min because I was sooo tired from falling that I usually just sat on the snow for the next 5 mins. I thought about my wounded hipbones and thought... owell... more work for the doc.
My whole body was wet because I literally fell on EVERY angle and was very relieved to take off my snowboarding shoes. THEN, the drama began to unfold itself.
After I got my deposit back, I just went up to courtland, u know, just for a lil chat. Then his frds started telling me what happened. Apparently they were really bored from skiing from all the slopes and so they built a TINY bump. Then, this chinese man who, according to them, had been falling all over the place, and who did not even go on the bump, fell near them, "broke" his sunglasses, and "wounded" himself (which according to others, it looked like he popped a pimple and bled). Rumors were that he then threw his and his wife's (i felt bad for his wife) skis on the floor, and stormed away. Courtland's frds actually brought the skis back to them. The man then demanded 2000RMB from them because he was hurt and broke his sunglasses trying to avoid the bump.
First of all, in principal, they would not pay 2000RMB for something they haven't done. Really, the guy was just a bad skiier to begin with; second of all, they didn't have that much money with them. To make the long story short, they spent a LOT of time negotiating, buying alcohol-free beer for the guy but was refused because he claimed he had to drive, offering a sincere apology and 100RMB for his "expensive" sunglasses etc. The guy turned down all the offers and refused to take anything but 2000RMB (which later become 1000RMB). They still would not pay him 1000RMB, and even the mangement of the ski resort tried to tell us to pay him (?! which I was still wondering why).
Then, they called the cops, which I thoght was futile and have explained the logic to the management already - we all hold foreign passports and only international police can handle us. They called Bro. Osbourne, who worked in FBI something legal dept, and he told us to "just leave", which was what we did exactly. We just walked away. Of course the management and our tour guide got very nervous, I explained to them that the embassy told us to leave, and so we left.
The tour guide stayed behind, left his contacts to the guy and we finally left the resort. The whole thing took us about an hour and courtland's couple friends, missed the show "messiah" in the forbidden city. Owellz. It was nonetheless an interesting event, drama should I say.
Funny thing was if the guy had just accepted that 100RMB, he'd already make 100RMB already. Now, he got nothing.
Interesting day, definitely going to SKIING again.
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.... yup, thats what i was talkin…
.... yup, that's what i was talki…
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