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So I finally got a new bike. My old bike really bugs me and now I like my new bike.
The monring after I got my new bike, probably the screws on my seats went loose, which wasn't soo annoying, just that I had to go to the bike shop and show the guy the problem. Literally, the first real thing (like after "what's the problem" & "ok", literally) the guy said to me was, "hey you should get a better lock; I have keys here to open your lock." At first I was like ooo...kay... don't try to sell me things; but then when I thought it twice, he made sense. My bike is BRAND new, although not the most expansive, still somewhat desirable compared to the other crappy bikes everywhere. My lock was the cheapest kind of lock and I had no problem believing that it could be easily opened.
As I was parking my bike, I was instantly so worried about my bike being stolen. I specifically picked a busy spot on the street, in front of a newspaper stand and tied my bike around a pole saying "--> Police Station", as I left for my fencing lesson.
I am not exaggerating when I say that I was sooooo worried about my bike being stolen the whole time I was fencing and was on the bus to/from fencing. The entire time I was on the bus back to campus I was sorta in a hurry, just to find out that my bike was not stolen, which was a good thing, of course. I have seriously debated within myself if I should spend money to buy a new lock because the then-current crappy lock was still working. Then, I've decided, you know, I don't usually feel so strong about one thing, and it was definitely a clear sign when the bike guy warned me about my lock. I should not just push away all these signs and feelings. Mindya, I do have quite accurate instincts.
So, I went to the bike shop where I got my bike and bought a supposedly better lock for 20 yuans. When I went all the way back to my room, I kinda regretted for not trading in my crappy bike so I can get the new lock even cheaper. Then, I thought, owell, too late now.
It was Hanni's bday KTV that night. Michelle, Xiaoyan and I hurriedly got her a present at the last minute.
KTV was okay, but I guess I was too tired, I fell asleep during. Horrible person! I sang a few songs, however. interesting. I actually can sometimes sing.
Anyways, as we all happily walked back to campus (funny thing was, after I got my lock, I did not worry about my bike at all, until I was probably 5 ft away from my bike, then I started worrying because I couldn't find my bike in 5 secs), and found my bike, and was about to unlock my new lock, I realized something to stuck ON my lock! Before I delve deeper into the story, I must describe how my new lock looks. Basically it is a big fat yellow chain lock. The key hole is, unlike regular keyholes on the door, 有�'"的"in the middle of it. IN other words, the keyhole itself is not entirely a whole; it looks like "@", instead of "O".
So, apparently SOMEONE dumb and stupid and ugly, soooooo mo-liu-ly stuffed a ridiculously tiny piece of paper in my lock. FOR REAL. Naturally I tried to pull it out, but trust me, that piece of paper is so tiny and stuck that 3 people failed to pull it out. Finally, Michelle suggested that I should bite it out, and I did, and it worked. I must add that the entire time I was cussing at this stupid unknown person who did this. I mean, seriously, wtf is the point of doing this? If you wanna play a joke on me, then you probably might want to be around and laugh at me. But no one was around. And really, it probably takes a lot of time and skill to stuff that tiny piece of people into my bike lock. REally, if you ask me to do that, I probably will take a good 15 mintues to do that.
So, I unrolled the piece of paper, and it was a tiny strip of 10cents bill! How much more ridiculous can this get! I was really wondering aloud why the person tried to do this! Really, I don't see a point and I am quite a creative person already.
As I was cussing and screaming aloud, Ray (this HK/Australia guy) came to us and said, "umm I think someone stole my bike..." !!!!! We were like omg.... and started looking for it everywhere. Well, he bought a new bike now, but the moral of the story is, I think that someone was trying to steal my bike, and because of my new, wonderful lock, he/she couldn't. Getting frustrated, he/she took "revenge" on me/my bike and thus the stupid really pointless joke on my lock.
I was sooooo glad I didn't just brush off all those warnings. I'd seriously cry my eyes out if my bike got stolen.
The real moral of the story is I believe that this is a warning from God and that I'm glad I've listened to the still, small voice.

Aopaq says:
Glad your new bike was not stolen! Thank goodness for our "small voices".....
Posted on: Oct 17, 2007
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