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This is NOT the silliest pic.
So we were walking on the HK road and we passed by Club New York. We decided to go in because 1) it's NY!!! Both Alex and I are from NY. 2) We read about this place somewhere and it was supposed to be good, and so we went in. The place was in a hotel. It was nicely decorated. It was quite packed when we walked in. There was good live music; the band played a wide range of music. We got a table near the stage. we ordered each person but Alex a tequila shot. It was wonderful. We just sat around for a bit, listened to music and I requested my Shakira - Hips Don't Lie song. They played it and I literally jumped to dance to it. By that time, Alex was already DRUNK. lolz.
Alex was drunk for the rest of the night. She was fast asleep on Hyunji's shoulder while I kept telling HJ to keep her awake.
Breakfast at lush. You can see the pillows
We decided to go bar-hopping. When we got the check, we realized the tequila shot was 48RMB! it was expensive. Owellz. We paid, alex paid more, and we left the place.
We wanted to go to another place, but of course we had NO IDEA where we should be walking towards. I suggested walking towards the light, and we did. We passed by some signs on the floor which said that the road was blocked or something. And then we also passed by some empty trash cans. We "decided" that those were going to be our beds tonight, lol.
We kept walking, we stopped by a 羊肉串place. We spent some time there ordering, and I asked Vincent if he could ask some girls where else to go. I didn't want to ask because I kno that girls don't talk to girls like that and Vincent is white, people, or specifically Chinese girls, would much rather talk to a white boy than, say, me.
The lying around signs on the street.
Although Vincent asked the other grl (who looked just like a regular girl even though there was this REALLY HOT SEXY girl who looked like she might know where to go), we heard the name "Babyface". We got a little lost walking there, no, we got a little unsure which direction we should be walking towards, and we spent a great deal of time hanging out on the street. Lol. It was a fun walk; it's always fun to just hang out with your friends doing nothing. After walking around, running towards lights, we finally found babyface. I must say the place looked nice, and there was no cover, BUT there was NOBODY in there and the music was horrible (techno). I didn't like that place, so after walking in for like 3 mins, we left. Then we decided to keep walking towards other lights. We walked into this place called the Feeling Club. Again, no cover, which was good for us. Alex was still drunk at this point; she basically slept-walked the entire time... amazing.
We went in, got a seat in a "quieter" place so that Alex could sleep. WE sat down, spent a great deal of time figuring out what drinks we wanted and to meet the required min 消费. At that time, I was a little annoyed and so I pulled HJ to the dancefloor. Guess what! IT was a moving/bumping dancefloor! It was a lot of fun just hopping. It was interesting because it was my first moving dancefloor. Then HJ and I went back to our table and grabbed the guys. We danced for a lil bit and then Vincent and Alex came with us too. It was like a big trampoline, like alex said. It was more fun than... you know... regular dancing or what not. Then the guys went back to the table, and we followed them after a while. After all that effort, the waiter came back to us and told us they didnt hv those drinks! First of all, those drinks where all that unheard of, and second, if you listed it on your menu, be sure to be able to MAKE them! Ugh. It was just so annoying. I didn't really want to pay sooo much for some drinks i didn't want, and I was really annoyed by the whole situation already. So we decided to just leave, and just drink in our rooms.
Got a cab outside, Sam met some German guys and we talked for a little bit. Then we took a cab to a supermarket to get some beer. Went back to our room, and no one had enough energy to even stay up. MJ was prepared to take a shower, but the next thing he knew, it was morning. LOL. Seriously, we all passed out like babies, without touching the beer, of course.
The next morning, I think we all woke up a little before 11, and Alex woke up even earlier to get ready. BUt, we still didn't leave the room until a little past noon, when we were supposed to check out. We then decided to have lunch/breakfast in the hostel restaurant. We had some wester breakfast, played 層層疊. It was really fun, and intense. Vincent was playing the guitar the entire time, providing us with some live music. We literally spent 2 hours there, and we left the place at around 2. LOL. It was a relaxing way to waste time.
We then headed off to the Beer Museum of Tsingdao. We paid 50RMB to get in, which was a LOT for any museums in China. We were supposed to learn about the processes of making beer, but until today, I still don't know. There was some beer "tasting" in the end, and then in the final "stop" of the museum, we got a free pitcher. It was all good. Then, we decided to make a final run for some QD sight-seeing - some red sculpture. We literally just pointed at the picture on our map to the cab driver, and we got there. Quickly took some stupid, silly, and fun pictures, then we headed off to an early dinner since we had to catch the 8:13pm train.
We went back to the neighborhood of the previous night's dinner, but to a much more authentic seafood restaurants. we decided to walk into a restaurant where there were elephants outside, and where Alex took a pic. That was our reason to go into that restuarant. The restuarant was good I suppose. We just picked whatever dishes we wanted, not even thinking about the prices anymore. Food was gooooooooooooooooooooooood. I love LOVE seafood.
Hurriedly, we went back to the hostel to get our luggage and went to take the train. Before we got on the cab back to our hostel, we went to Carrefore to buy some vodka and snacks for the train. Since we couldn't fall asleep at all on the way here, we decided to get ourselves drunk in order to have more fun and fall asleep.
Got on the train, asked the people to switch seats with us, we started snacking and just playing card games and chatting. then, of course I'd have to suggest playing drink, truth or dare. That's where the serious fun began. It was sooooooooo funny how uncomfortable some of us looked in teh beginning. I shall not discuss anything here, but all I can say we did not do anything outrageous. MJ looked REALLY uncomfortable the entire time, and Alex and I had never laughed so hard before. It was fun.
Not until 4 something, when we should arrive at Beijing at 5, did we fall asleep. So, we didnt' get ANY sleep, again. AFter getting off the train, getting a cab back to WuDaoKou, we went to breakfast at Lush. I was still feeling a little sick from the alcohol I guess. So for the first half of the breakfast, I, like Alex, was sleeping. Then we thought we wanted to go play bowling at 7 in teh morning, and we did. WE walked back to the school's bowling alley, and played a game of bowling. It was one of my best games actually, considering that I was running on like... 2 hours MAX of sleep.
Then, we finally headed back to our dorms. I was a lil sad whe I saw the dorms. I just want to keep travelling! I don't want some boring college life anymore!
Got back into my room, took a shower, and got ready for my 9:50 class. Sam and I were in the same class, and we were sooooo out the entire class. IT was fun.

All in all, this trip was fun, even though I didn't really realize it during the trip. Travelling with good campany is just the best. We all got along really well, and I feel like we were a really good travelling pact. I wished the QD trip never ended, really. Owellz. C'est la vie I suppose.
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This is NOT the silliest pic.
This is NOT the silliest pic.
Breakfast at lush. You can see the…
Breakfast at lush. You can see th…
The lying around signs on the stre…
The lying around signs on the str…
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