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It's christmas again. Honestly, this is nothing really... worth noting actually. It's not my first xmas in asia, nor is my first christmas away from home (although technically it is, but I just don't feel like it)

It still doenst feel like xmas yet. A little sad because I have to constantly remind myself this is xmas, instead of other things reminding me.

MErrrrry Christmas.

**Update at 3:44pm**
As I was still writing about state ownership and its impact on the economy, I looked out the cafe window and saw this young man with a huge bike fulled of corn, trying to make a living. It was the perfect juxtaposition. I was on the 2/F and so I was looking down. Oh class systems. Sigh. I got really really sad. Everyone should at least enjoy a living standard like me, and I'm no rich person. I think I am living a comfortable life, and I believe everyone deserves a comfortable life. It sounds really cliche but I really want to help. IT still makes me upset to see someone XXXXXX times more hard-working than I am (although in no way smarter LOL), and still suffers from poverty, or near poverty.
Well, as I was staring the young man (okay, I just realize I sounded really old; the "young" man is probably a few years older than me), and got even more upset, I almost had to force myself to look away, and think to myself, "okay, I need to keep studying hard, on economics, so one day I can save the world."
Then, I went back to learning more and more about the (non)viability of state ownership.
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photo by: Deats