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Wow. Christmas and new year are over...I still couldn't believe it DID happen. I almost had to constantly REMIND myself that this is x'mas. I suppose it was a good x'mas.
So we had the xmas eve's dinner at the korean restuarant. It was fun, just because we each got a present and hung out with each other. It was the after party that was SUPER fun. We then we to karaoke. At first we were all just sitting and singing, and then things got heated. By the end of the night, we were all up and jumping and bouncing and screaming. We were REALLY screaming. I lost my voice the next day. It was mucho fun.
Then on xmas day, I was in the bridge cafe the whole day, finishing my essay. Then I met up with hyunji + alex + takako to go to a massage place. We just picked a random one on the street. It was good. I fell asleep during my full body massage, and the foot massage was goo too. Then we went to Juho's place to have a xmas party ish. IT was mellow, nothing like we expected.
On the 26th, umm I really don't remember what I did that day...
On the 27th, I still don't remember what I did during the day, but hyunji + frds went to propaganda. It was really fun. I thought Fred was going to be there too but didn't see him. It was a fun night out.
Then on Friday, I was in starbucks and the bridge cafe the whole day, until 3am. Ginh, JinLan and Hyunji, and I planned out trip basically. Now we know where we are going. In bridge cafe, this guy who came to talk to us. He was really talkative. He was texting me everyday. Nothing special though.
Saturday, I was cramming everything in my head for the international economics exam. Then I went to eat with Hyunji, realized I was late, and then ran to the exam. After the exam, I met up with hyunji, alex and sam to go to propaganda. Funny thing, we got in for free again. the night was alright. Last weekend of the year.
On the 31st, alex and I went to got her hair done, and then we went to get our nails done. Then we were getting ready to meet up with the boys. I downed a LOT of alcohol within 1/2 hour, empty stomach. I was pretty drunk. When we got to 798, I couldn't see straight. Then we were in the club, I was puking and passing out. Literally, after 30 mins in the club, we left for home. I was out. It was stupid. Complete waste of money. Stupid me.
Today was a day of rest. I was sleeping the whole day, and then ate with Alex, and then went to PeiYan's bday dinner thing. Alex, Vincent and I then went to a korean restaurant for some food. It was good.
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