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Before I talk about good food and good company, let me just say, OMG im working so hard these days!
It's no one's fault (and of course not mine for sure =-P) nor the school's, it's just my typical procrastination. So, the essay must be postmarked by Dec 1, USPS, and I can have a 12-hr cheat deadline because of the time diff. On Fri night, I was back in my room at 8pm, went to bed, woke up at 11pm, and started writing. Stayed up until 5am (!), almost finished a bag of gum, and wrote what peter called "incomprehensible". Okay, I was falling asleep when I was trying to make sense of gender politics. Not the best state of mind.
Woke up again at 9am (I KNOW, it's a record), sat in front of the computer, and luckily, peter was online. OF course he was kind and free enough to edit my essay. So basically from like 10 to 3:30, we were looking at my essay. It was THAT hardcore. Well, in between, he just started bashing Clinton and how she's a whore, and I said technically it's Bill blah blah blah. At 3:30, I got so sick of re-reading it again and so I emailed to mom.
took a SUPER quick shower and met up with the korean grls at 4. Ginhe's bike kept breaking, so we didn't get on the train until 5. Pretty restaurant, pretty pricy, too. I miss Canto food so much, because it is just so familiar to me. Kinda pricy for Chinese standards, but fancy restaurant and okay food, horrible servie as usual.
then we took the cab to 前海, the place I went with Hanni last time. I just realized 后海is only an alley away. We passed by so many 胡同. It's only when I see some really cool things like these, something very symbolic or historical or beautiful, that I'm sooo glad I'm in Beijing, and that I'm happy to be in BJ.
后海was fine. We were walking around and I heard some R&B music and I was like, hey I like this music and so we went in. Just sat around and chatted. Was cool. Then 培燕 and i went to watch the live music there. Not too shabby i must say. then there's this "game", when u use ur mouth to pass napkins around. Ginhe and I went up, and we lost horribly, haha. Then peiyan and jin lan went up, and they won all of us a free bottle of wine! MUAHAHAHA. It was good.
Cab bck to wudaokou. I showed them a really authentic korean snacks place and im guessin they all like it. By that time everyone was really tired so we all just went home.
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