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This picture does not do it justice. The glass is a lot bigger than it appears. It could very well be a meal in itself.

Since I honestly don\'t remember what I did each day, I am just going to write down what memorable things I have done.

I think I started giving my friends a call the next day I arrived. The first person I called was Jacqueline Tse. It was an awkward moment because apparently I caught her at a bad time. She was proabably busy saving lives in the hospital while I wanted to chit chat. The conversation literally went like this - Me:\"Hey This is Phoebe! I am back!\" Jac: \"(whispering) Hey I can\'t talk I will call you back later...(hang up phone)\"

Then I proceeded to call Michele, and the conversation went very similar to this. Me: \"Hey this is Phoebe! I am back!\" Michele: \"(in a rushed tone)Hey I really can\'t talk. I am about to take an exam! (hang up phone)\".

The wine-tasting bar I try really hard to describe.
After two failed attempts at reconnecting with my friends, I decided to give it a third try.

Hing was in Hong Kong temporarily. He just finished his thesis in Shanghai and was about to head back to the Netherlands. I thought I would surely find him. I called him on the cell number he gave me and some lady with some loud background noises picked up the phone. I realized it could be his Aunt (he is staying with his extended family). I asked for Hing awkwardly in Cantonese, and I also just realized I never said Hing\'s name in Chinese before. His aunt politely informed me that he is taking a nap, and kindly took my name so he can call me back.

With three failed attempts under my belt, I was getting desparate to get out. So my last final desparate attempt to have a social life, I went on to call/text everyone whom I have a number. Annie texted me back saying she is actually visiting London soon (coincidence!), and Jacqueline Lee said something like welcome back. Still desparate to talk to a real person and have some Saturday night plan, I called Henry Wang.

I thought it was going to be rather awkward considering we were never close friends and we also have not spoken in a long time. And he actually answered his phone! Long story short, it wasn\'t awkward talking to him, he only spoke English to me (I was trying to converse in Cantonese in the beginning, but he kept replying in English. So I switched gear in the end with him), and we thought we would all go out on that evening at Lan Kwai Fong (LKF).

Later in the afternoon, Hing actually called me back, and we decided to have a late dinner and go out at LKF. Saturday night was set finally.

Met up with Hing, had dinner at Tsui Wah just because we wanted something quick and easy. It was really nice catching up with him, and to be able to sit down and have a conversation.

After dinner we went to the Russian Ice Bar. Put on a VERY well-worn faux mink coat, and took a shot of finlandia in the ice-cold room. Afterwards we sat at the bar to wait for Henry to arrive. Had some English/Belgian beer in an ENORMOUS beer glass.

Henry arrived and we started bar hopping. Went to an Irish pub (sorry I am really bad with places\' names) and had a jager-bomb. Hing had never had it before and you would he is from the Netherlands and Jagermeister is from around there they would know everything about Jager. Went to this wine-tasting place. Really cool place and cool concept. You \"sign in\" with your own credit card, and they will give you and your guests a store credit card. There is a whole cabinet full of different wine, and you insert your store credit card and choose the wine you would like to taste. If vending machine and wine have a baby, this place would be it. Each tasting probably costs 25-30 HKD.

Oh, during the night I mentioned to Henry how Jac and Michele literally hung up on me and still haven\'t called me back. That was very weird to me because they are my best friends. If my best friend is in town, I would be very excited that I would call her the minute I am available. He started complaining about and describing the \"differences\" in social attitudes between the US and HK. I suppose I feel a little better about myself - I will just blame it on cultural differences.

I think we ended up hanging out at the same irish pub. The guys ordered some more beer and I decided I would continue my wine \"tastings\". Unfortunately, before I can fully enjoy the wine I ordered in an Irish pub, I spilled it all over Henry. I felt kinda bad because he has his nice shirt on and now it also has red wine stains.

It was a great Saturday night, just hanging out and laughing with friends. I call this Hong Kong social preliminarily a success.

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This picture does not do it justic…
This picture does not do it justi…
The wine-tasting bar I try really …
The wine-tasting bar I try really…
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