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so today. I didn't go to the World Park (with mini international 景点) because first I have to meet up with them at 8 in the morning (NO FREAKIN WAY) and I've been to something like that already and it is really only worth seeing, once.
So, on this wonderful saturday, I woke up at 11:56am, got dressed, had lunch and went to the HKSA bowling tournament with Beijing U. It was interesting to meet some HK people. I kinda miss speaking cantonese. I guess I just want to meet people, and play free bowling.
Speaking of bowling. Hanni and I were in a team against 2 guys from BJ U. At the last game, we were 8 points behind and I had a strike, so we got another turn. Because there was no rules, so we can pretty much play however we want. For that 8 points to at least win the other team, I thought if we roll 3 balls at once we would get ALL the "bottles" (what are they called?). BUT, of course, it didn't work because the gate went down after the first bowling ball striked, and essentially  blocking MY ball which could have scored. Owell, we were 4 points behind. ughhh i wanted to win, however. Oh, have I mentioned I did much better than thursday? I think the reason why I couldn't do it on Thursday was because of my mental block. I just kept telling myself that it was really hard and I couldn't do it. This is cliche but it's true - your biggest enemy is yourself.
Then, we went to the Braveheart club rock-wall climbing competition. Hanni and I were in a team with 2 other guys. We had different games to compete in and what I did for my team was to climb the wall blind-folded. Or should I say, "blind-folded" because I could clearly see through the blind-fold, and therefore, I did very well compared to the others. hahaha. In the end, we got the 3rd prize, which included the club's publication and a box of interesting-tasting chocolate. I have officially disliked chinese chocolate. after all, chinese is not famous of its chocolate.
Anyways, then, after the handing out of prizes and eating the prizes, I wanted to play basketball nearby. At first we were looking really awkward because we were standing by the court just staring at other people. Then I thought we should join those who looked less organized. We approached these 2 guys + 1 grl (we made sure there is at least one grl) + 1 father + 1 son. I was like... really really awkwardly, "do you guys want to play a game?" At first, literally, they were staring at me. I repeated myself and i think they started to understand what i was trying to say then, of course they agreed. The game wasn't so exciting but it was fun for me since I haven't played bball for a longggg while. I looked cool, I bet, because sometimes those guys will be like... "good ball" (in chinese). Oyea the whole time I was screaming to hanni about what she should do. She isn't exaclty a basketball person. lolz. After a loonnnggg time of playing, when it became darker and darker, we started talking and they were actually not Tsinghua students, but they were working already. Funny thing was they majored in Economics, too. Anyways. They were nice people; we just stood there and talked for a while.
Good day.
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