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Back to the Big Apple. Seriously, this city really depresses me. I've only been back for a few days, and I already felt very grumpy, introverted, easily annoyed. I really don't like this city, no matter how many others are fascinated by it. I hate New York City. I really can't wait to leave, but when I do, I'll feel sad again leaving my beloved family.
I mean, the first day back was not pleasant at all already. I didn't have a cell phone, and the friend who promised to pick me up from the Newark Airport is Jersey did not show up until 3 hours later (well, she was at the wrong terminal. Forgiven) Mom was not happy, in fact, she was furious that I was so unorganized. Really, REALLY bad first day back. I kept asking myself why I wanted to come back.
Well the next few days were eventless, except every morning I woke up at 430am and just felt wide awake. It was not until last night that I woke up at 5am and felt like going back to sleep (well, I woke up because I was having a bad dream).
The only thing I like about NYC is the blue sky. the REAL blue sky. Thing is, you can see a real blue sky anywhere outside of China. Whatever.
I've spent the majority of my few days in NYC at home, just accompanying my mother since I haven't seen her for a year already. Our apartment is hot and my mother does not believe in A/C 24/7. Hence, mucho sauna time! Not as bad, I try to think of it as weight loss enhancement.
Well, I should be leaving for Vietnam (FINALLY after whining for a year!) the first of august. I'll first fly to Hong Kong to drop off some of my luggage, then maybe train/plane to Kunming to meet up with Hing my friend. In Kunming, we'll then find out a way to get to Hanoi, Vietnam. Should be a fun trip. =-) After touring around SE Asia (and by SE Asia I mean just Vietnam), I shall go back to Hong Kong again and get ready for my internship! That should be exciting and I'm definitely looking forward to it.
Let's see if Asia can overturn the depression brought upon me in New York City. Seriously, NYC is depressing; all other cities are fine. I love DC. ANyways, yea, i hope Asia will bring back some levity in me.

Just thinking back, the year in China was more than amazing. I know that's what everyone says, so right now I'm thinking of something more profound and unique.
Well, first of all, it's more than amazing because it has semi-fundamentally (yea i know, illogical) changed who i am. I used to a lot more suspicious, depressed, unpleasant, angry person. Even I can notice my changes, e.g. i laugh a lot more and more easily. Really, the year and all my experiences of the year in China made me realize that I used to get angry soooo easily. Meeting all these koreans finally got to me - i try not to be angry anymore, even though I still do. Well, and also, all the friends i know there (i try not to be lame!), they are all quite intelligent and educated people. I'm sorry to say, in America, they will be highly educated and courageous people, but there, they are just average. What I'm saying is, I think i just hung out with too many dumb people that they brought me down as well. It's a horrible thing to say but it's true. And the company I had in Beijing was truly enjoyable. Truly.
Okay, I probably won't list everything out; those two are the most important. I shall forever miss one of the happiest times in my life.
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