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i love my life, even with the exams and essays and such. I love it here. I wishing people are never leaving.
so the night before, we (basically all the QD people - Hyunji + Sungwook) had a movie night at Jason (Min Jib. hahaa I gave him that name!)'s room, because Sam wanted to show us the movie "The Big Lebowski". We watched, had tickle fights (i wasn't ticklish anymore. Sigh. The wonders of growing up), talk, and drink white russian. Then we were like, hey lets watch another movie. Then we moved on to a scary movie (I LOVE SCARY MOVIE ya kno), "the Nightmare on Elm Street". Okay, the movie was actually ok scary. There was this part i totally didn't expect, and I screamed. That was rare. Anyways. We finished that, and we then proceeded to "Borat". LOLZ. That movie was sooo funny.
After Borat, it was around 4:30 am. So we've watched movies nonstop since 1030 or around 1100. It was good. Everyone else was sleepy, except Vincent and I. I showed him the other movie "Tenacious D". I thought it was an interesting movie.
By the time we finished Tenacious D, it was around past 6. Vincent and I woke everyone up, then we left Jason's room. Alex was literally sleep-walking, or sleeping and walking home. Sam, Vincent and I weren't tired, so we decided to go bowling, which we did.
When we got to our school's bowling alley, we realized it didn't open until 7. So, literally, the three of us sat on the step of the alley before day's break HAHAHA. idiots.
Starting the first bowling game, we were just warming up, sobering up (Vincent lol), and of course, waking up. Then someone suggested playing another game, which we did, and did really well. Vincent was points away from his personal highest, I hit 100 and Sam a lil more around 100. IT was a really good game for the three of us. Then Sam was like, "you kno guys, just to put it out there, let's play another game." Vincent thought we really shouldn't stop after a good game, and so we went on to the third game. My arm was tired by that time, so I didn't do so well, but the two of them had a good game.
After no sleep from 4 movies, bowling for 3 games, we finally walked home at like close to 9 in the morning.
Yesterday, I spent the day in Bridge again. Jason and Sam were there, too. Will never study with Sam again. Such a chatter-box lolz. Ddin't get any studying done until after dinner, when he left to go out. However, we did have some good conversations, aka talked about relationships and love and such, and life... you know, the usuals. Sam said he probably would want to marry late just because he wanted to try out "everything" or at least a lot of things first. I don't know. I think I disagree with him. I think i would marrry anytime, for love, although I think later in my life just because I don't think I am (okay, I hate to use this word but this is the only word that came up in my mind and I'm not going to spend 60 secs to come up with another word) mature enough to handle a serious thing yet. Anyhow. I thought if I find THE person, no matter when in my life, from now on, I'll make sure I've done everything to NOT let him go or leave. I mean, how often do you think you meet THE person, or at least close to your definition of "THE" person? Sigh. 茫茫人海中, it's extremely lucky to meet that person i suppose.
Okay, this is getting out of hand. Why am I worrying about this?? My friends need to stop getting married.
It was wonderful.
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