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It was an interesting trip. I mean I finally got to see what a 草原looks like. I mean I grew up in cities - Hong Kong and New York, (and D.C. and now Beijing), so space to me means 1000 sq ft apartment. It's crazy to see just grassfields after grassfields, and just bunch of nothing, just, space. I suppose that's the majority of the rest of the world; after all, sizes of cities are relatively small, compared to the rest of the earth.
Horse-back riding was fun. I finally got to "control" the horse, even though the horse wasn't really listening to me.
Slept in one of the Mongolian tents. Of course it is not a genuine one, but at least now I can say I've slept in one of those. The night we were in those tents was FREEZING (i guess every night is cold in Mongolia) and I practically slept on wooden floor with just one blanket. I wore my jacket and sweaters to bed, and have I mentioned my christmas socks, too? It was definitely an experience; probably won't want to do it twice, though.
Everyone told me about the Mongolia nighttime sky. And yes, it was sooooooooooooooooo amazing. The whole sky was stars. just stars and stars, basically. I think I even saw the galaxy. It's soooooo cool. I mean, usually, I'm fortunate/it's really good weather when I can see like, 10 ok-bright stars. After the Mongolian trip, I finally comprehend why people say "countless stars". IT'd be really annoying if I actually have to count the stars, because there are just so many, bright or not. It is simply amazing.
Back home, school just re-started. It's alright. I am getting more comfortable with the language. I mean, Chinese is my first language.
Went to the braveheart club training today. It was soooo tiring. My whole body is sore, but like Norville said, "good sore". I can't wait to climb a REAL mountain. I think I'll skip fencing tomorrow and go on Fri.
life's good, i suppose. Nothing much happened other than mentioned above.
Aopaq says:
I know what you mean when you can see all the stars comprising the Milky Way galaxy.....amzaing! But it also always seems to remind me just how insignificant my life is in comparison.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2007
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