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Fonte battesimale from San Frediano Basilica

The youth Hostel of Lucca is fantastic. It´s well located, inside the walls of the old city (Lucca is one of few north Italy´s cities with walls surrounding the whole center) and huge! It was once a school, and has been reformed. A very good choice if you want to discover liguria coast and nearby cities!

Lucca itself is a good discovering. We fell in love of San Frediano, a small church near the hostel with  beautiful paintings and sculptures. It has also the uncorrupted remains of Sta. Zita, once the housekeeper of Fatinelli Family. This woman (lived the XIII century) had become the popular saint of flowers and charity after a story of how she helped the poors. Once, she went with food in her apron from the Fatinelli.

Detail of the Piazza dell´anfiteatro.
She wanted to give the food to the homeless but one of the family, suspcious, stopped her and asked what she was hiding in her apron. "flowers" she said, and when the master took her apron down, only flowers fell down.

Lucca has a completely circular square, made of houses glued one onto another in a very weird way. It´s not as astonishing as other monumental piazzas of Italy, but has its own charming. This picture of a door was taken there.

The churches of Lucca has this tipical columned archs which can be seen in Pisa´s duomo. The work of them are incredible as there aren´t two identical (more or less).

Another good thing of Lucca is that everything is quite close. Walking through you can discover almost everything, and it has a number of piazzas, all different but with something to see: from the ancient ones with churches, and the modern ones, with sculptures of Elisa Bonaparte, duchess of tuscany in her brother empire. Lucca was the bornplace for Puccini, great compositor, and you can see images of him almost everywhere.

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Fonte battesimale from San Fredian…
Fonte battesimale from San Fredia…
Detail of the Piazza dell´anfitea…
Detail of the Piazza dell´anfite…
Portic of San Michel
Portic of San Michel
San Martino Cathedral
San Martino Cathedral
photo by: Vikram