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On the evening of the 4th august we left Verona to see nearby´s Vicenza. Why we have chosen Vicenza? Well, in case you don´t know him, its time to introduce Palladio.

The architect Palladio was a well known engineer in Venetto´s area. He was responsible of the most admirables houses of the region and was a must for the rich and posh people of his era. Palladio´s best works where the Villas (the "palladian´s villas") for the nobles of Venezia. There is a lot of villas in a different places here and there in the venetto, and some of them are private and not allowed to go inside. To see which are open to public and get some timetables and useful information, visit http://www. (look for the map in "palladio in the veneto" section)

But there is one place where you can admire much of this genius´ work without needing a car: the town of Vicenza. Here, he´s responsible for almost all the best buildings you´ll see, including the historical "Teatro Olimpico", a truly masterpiece.

We left the car in one of the car parkings of Vicenza (not too expensive) and went walking to the center. At the beginning we felt disappointed with the look of the city: a modern, distant, even ugly place without any charm. Even the sight of Salvi Gardens, just outside the old town, wasn´t good enough for us. It was a good garden, right, but the fountain and the Valmanara palace looked old and careless.

When we entered the old town, however, things changed. Logia Bernarda, Piazza dei signori, Schio´s palace... every single building was incredible!!! Really, we enjoyed so much this place that we considered to come back at the next day to continue the visit... and after seeing the Teatro Olimpico, we were decided.

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Palladio´s building in Vicenza
Palladio´s building in Vicenza
Olimpic Theatre, another work from…
Olimpic Theatre, another work fro…
photo by: Miranda-Maas