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Zagreb was quite nice, we stayed there total 2½ days, before and after our tour in Croatia. Rented a car from there and shopped a lot.

Funny thing happened after we rented the car :]
We drove to the bus station (even that was difficult, couldn't get out from the center) to buy tickets for Sunday 22nd to Vienna. We left the car to a handicapped lot and it wasn't really in the square. Went to get the tickets and was supposed to go to a store to get something to eat. I looked at the parking lot and said to my friends that they're taking our car. The other friend was like 'what' and went running towards the car. I ran after her and the other friend didn't hear what we said and wondered why we left. She came after us after realized what was happening. We were gone only for 15 minutes! The men didn't speak English but gave it back to us. We didn't get any snack and left from Zagreb after the incident. The whole trip we joked about breakdown trucks because of that and we actually saw those a lot everywhere in Zagreb. I guess that service works well in Croatia ;) When we returned the car to the car rental they asked did everything go well and smiled. They had probably heard about our incident but we just smiled back and said that everything went well :]
jenzar says:
30 Oct 2007 I got an envelope from Croatia and I knew right away what it was. Three months after the trip we got a parking ticket and they let me know that they have charged my credit card a few days before. The letter was mostly in Croatian and I just had to guess what it said. I just laughed and so did my friends when I told them about it :))
Posted on: Oct 31, 2007
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