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Here I am making the last preparativeses for my US journey. My international experience summarizes on England and Argentina. It's time to meet the north american culture. It's time to play Borat, maybe with a worse accent.

I was planning to visit only New York City and Miami, but I met some people from Wheaton during their vocattions in Rio de Janeiro, so they invited me to explore Illinois too. One of them will drive through Boston for a wedding, and then will work on Philadelphia for some weeks. I accepted the ride and maybe will drive on the US highways too, just to compare with the brazilians ones, full of holes.

So, after these changes of plans, my peregrination will be:

  • September 4-5: Bye Rio de Janeiro, bye bye Brazil. Flight to Miami-Chicago.
  • September 5: Arrive on Chicago. Hello Wheaton!
  • September 5-12: Sometimes in Wheaton (Stephanie's house), sometimes in Chicago.
  • September 9: USA x Brazil - Soccer, Chicago.
  • September 12: Drive to Stephanie's aunt house in NW Pennsylvania
  • September 13: Drive to Niagara Falls. Drive to her friend's house, near Rochester, NY.
  • September 14: Drive to Boston.
  • September 14-16: Boston (some hostel) exploring the city alone while my friend goes to the wedding with her boyfriend.
  • September 16: Drive to Pennsylvania.
  • September 16-19: Pennsylvannia (Stephanie's friend house) exploring the city while my friend works.
  • September 19-21: Bus to Washington DC (some hostel) to explore the capital.
  • September 21: Bus to Pennsylvania. Meet Stephanie to drive through New York City. We will stay at Gianna's house in New Jersey. She is a lovelly girl that studied with Stephanie. She visited Brazil on May and I took these two ladies to the Maracanã Stadium (a Vasco match). 
  • September 21-23: New York City with the two ladies.
  • September 23: Stephanie says goodbye, and maybe I will move to some hostel close to Central Park.
  • September 24-October 2: Explore NYC, sometimes with Gianna, sometimes by myself.
  • October 2: Flight to Miami.
  • October 2-9: Miami (some hostel on South Beach) to have fun and shopping. I will meet some friends from Brazil, that are living in Deerfield Beach and West Palm Beach. I'm planning to visit NASA too (Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral).
  • October 9-10: Flight to home, sweet home. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This is my journey. I hope to have a lot of fun, explore amazing places, meet cool people and make new friends. If you know the places where I'm going, be free to do comments, suggestions, tips and invites.

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