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Up bright and early on sundaymorning, because the next door neighbour decided 5am was an excellent time to take a shower. Not that I had much sleep anyway, as the city woke me up every half hour. It became quite apparent as to why, when I opened the curtains and noticed I had left the window open all night. Very smart.

I hit the town around 8:30, which was way too early on a sunday, but when you're up, you gotta go, right? So I went. I walked up and down Kurfürstendamm to Wittenberg Platz in the pouring rain. Along the way, I walked past the remains of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche, another fatality of WW2.

I walked around for quite some time, not really having a clue of where to go, but just following my feet. Would be hard not to ofcourse. Fong and I had agreed to meet at 1pm, so that left me some time to check out Potsdamer Platz, which is often referred to as the Piccadilly Circus of Berlin. Well, it's not. Yes, there are a few tall buildings, and the Sony Center is quite impressive on the inside, but on the outside, it really doesn't ammount to much. So no picture just yet.

The U2 line was pretty messed up as well, so I made sure I got to the Schlesisches Tor on time. We had spent an amusing 15 minutes the previous night trying to correctly pronounce 'Schlesisches Tor'. Even after some alcohol, it didn't get any easier.

I was early, so I went for a walk, up to the river and the Oberbaumbrücke, which just looks very Eastern European to me. I mean, look at this...

and this...

Lisa stumbled out of the U-Bahn station just as I finished a slice of pizza and a drink. She wasn't really walking, more staggering, and she told me she'd gone to a flea market and that her backpack was really heavy. I proposed to switch backpacks, but she said she'd be alright, so off we went, down Schlesischer Strasse to the Arena.

We got into the Kunst Salon for free, because Yasha had told us to tell the people at the entrance that we were 'Strychnin people, and no, Yasha had not given us any special papers'. In fact, she'd told us to 'just tell them you're there to pick up something or some other shit'. Right. It worked.

Now the art fair itself was so so. I personally think that Strychnin had the best stuff and I'm not just saying that because. They had one of Kris Kuksi's pieces, which was just AMAZING! I think it was this one, but I'm not 100% sure.

Totally fucking awesome!

Fong was getting tired, and sat down a lot, so when we left, we stopped at a little cafe for a drink. That's when she showed me all the stuff she bought at the flea market. One of the more interesting items, besides some kind of device to make bullets, was a backpack-sized cabinet that held keys. The interesting part about it was that is was made of cast iron. No wonder her backpack weighed a TON!

It was about this time that we switched backpacks.

Back on the U12 and all the way to the Messegelände to visit the Art Forum, which was very upscale and expensive, but interesting to visit non the less. Afterwards we went to a chinese restaurant close by and had a really nice time chatting. Sure, we e-mail a lot, but it's just so cool to sit down and chat face to face once every 2 years or so.

Therefor, we didn't want to say goodbye yet and decided to meet up again the next day for dinner, which would be her last day in Germany.

I went back to my hotel, tired of walking and sat on the balcony with a nice schwartzbier, just enjoying the evening...
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photo by: CFD