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When I arrived at Tempelhof airport, I was amazed by how small it actually is. It's old and a bit run-down, bound to be closed someday soon, so I've heard, but it's nice and kind of feels like stepping back into time. It is however a very convenient place to enter the city, as the subway, or U-Bahn is just around the corner. So I bought a 7-day pass and took the U6 to Hallesches Tor. There I had to switch to the U1 and that's where I figured something was wrong. Because of construction work, the U1 only ran between Wittenberg Platz and Uhlandstrasse, my destination. But there was the U12, which ran practically to everywhere. So I took that one to Wittenberg, then changed to the U1 to Uhlandstrasse, while texting back and forth with my friend Miss Fong about where and when to meet up and what to do afterwards and where to go for dinner and meet her traveling partner Kathryn.

So after checking in to the hotel, which wasn't much, but good enough when you're a budget traveler, I went for coffee on the Kurf├╝rstendamm. After that, it was another cross-city trip on the U12 to Warschauerstrasse in Friedrichshain, then a nice walk north and a right on Boxhagenerstrasse, where after a while, I found Strychnin Gallery. Lisa showed up some time later and we went in to meet the owner, Yasha, who was great. Yeah, I'm going to fit in there really well I thought. And it will be so cool to be part of that art family, with Lisa and all those other artists whose work I really like and admire. Yeah!

Now afterwards, we went to Twenty Four Gallery, a couple of blocks down the street, for the International Assemblage Art Exhibition, which was nice.

Berlin was warm and sunny on saturday. Something I had not expected. However, it was a good excuse for a drink, so we found a nice place, sat down, had a beer and did some catching up. Yeah, it's always fun to hang out with Lisa.

Next we walked to the East Side Gallery, the last remaining part of the Wall...

In between, the no-man's land and further left, the river Spree.

The fun part was that people had turned this place into a beach, with bars and lounge chairs and DJ's spinning records. It was very amusing.

We then made our way to Alexanderplatz and waited by the Fernsehturm for Kathryn.

Then it was off for a burrito. Meanwhile, we got a phonecall from 2 German friends of the girls and they suggested we'd meet at Treptow Park, which proved a bit of a problem to find, but we did manage eventually. We ended up at another 'beach' and had a few drinks.

Somewhere around 11:30pm, I had to figure out how to get back to my hotel on the other side of the city. I swear it took me exactly 1 hour to get there. I had to change trains 3 times. And you know what I noticed? All the kids were walking around with bottles of beer in their hands. I mean, it's something that's just not done over here, but it seems to be perfectly normal there. There were 2 girls sitting accross me in the subway. They couldn't have been older than 16, and both of them had a bottle of beer with them. I kind of felt out of place, bottle-less. Very strange.

I managed to go to bed around 1:30am, which means I'd been up for 21 hours. Sooo tired...

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photo by: CFD