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We will start day 2 with a picture of 'Rector Gate' in Battery Park City in case you're bored by all this text, and then continue the story.

Even though I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep, and when I finally did manage, I was mistaken for a pillow by Lisa's cat, Sugi. Let's just say I'm not used to things jumping on my head in the middle of the night.

We headed into Manhattan and had breakfast at the Cozy Soup and Burger on Broadway. We took a walk around Chinatown and what's left of Little Italy and then walked south to the WTC site, then west to Battery Park City, where we saw that 'Rector Gate'. It was cold and windy near the water, as you can probably tell from this pic...

Further north, we came across a bunch of cool sculptures by Tom Otterness:

We took the subway north to Houston and then walked to Van Dam Street to visit 'The Compleat Sculptor', where I bought a set of special modelling tools. Around that time, Lisa got a call from our friend, artist Scott Holloway, saying he had just driven into the city and was looking for a place to park.

We took the subway and walked to the Skylight Diner, 2 blocks from the gallery, where all the artists would meet before the show. Scott was already there, so we took a table and told the waitress we were expecting about 8 people. Turned out to be a lot more: Daniel, Travis Louie, Chris Peters and Mark Weston, Kris Kuksi, Mark Elliot, Matt Dickson and Melinda, Carrie Ann Baade and Tina Imel and their friends, and a few more.

(The following 4 pictures are by Scott Holloway)

Me & Lisa

Melinda, Matt Dickson and Travis Louie

Me & Daniel figuring out the bill

Carrie Ann Baade & friend

And then we headed to the show, where I was pleasantly surprised to see my International Thunderbird Club friends Kathy, Don and Malcolm. (pic by Mark Weston)

So, here's a bunch of show pics. You can probably tell the place was PACKED! I'm just guessing we had over 500 people walk in and out from 7pm till about midnight. And things were sold. Oh yeah.

Daniel and Scott thinking about getting a skateboard...

Around 11pm, it got less crowded, and I finally got a chance to take some pics of the actual artwork. This is the 'Belgian corner', with works by Raf Veulemans, Miraschi and myself, right next to Lisa's pieces and David Hochbaum's stuff.

And my little hearts...

Angie Mason's work on the left...

2 Kris Kuksi pieces with a Brian Horton in the middle. Great stuff.

Natalie Shau's work on the left here, I really like.

And then the last people left and everyone was just exhausted.

Lisa & Chris Peters

We went into Paul Booth's little 'shop of oddities' for the 'afterparty'. Plans were made for brunch the next day and we talked for a while longer, and then one after the other, we said our goodbyes and left. Around 1am, we took a cab back to Astoria.

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