Part 9. (A short meeting with a scorpion)

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Here we're very close to the Cambodian border.

The two islands were not that big and I was in a mood to see more of the region the following day. I planned to book a half day tour in one of the travel agencies next to our bamboo cottage, Pavel and Mit quickly agreed to join me. Even Veronique was interested. Sergej on the other hand enjoyed cycling so much the other day that he decided to keep on exploring the islands on two wheels. The tour we booked for about 12 USD per person was supposed to bring us first to a spot to observe the rare Irrawaddy dolphins and then we should visit the Khone Phapeng waterfalls which are considered the largest in Southeast Asia. I wondered if Mit would make it as he cut his big toe on a sharp stone while bathing in the river in the morning, but he instisted. Poor guy, I could see that he had some pain.


This half day trip was fine even if we didn’t see much of the rare dolphins.

It was a dusty road, OK? We're not playing terrorists.
What we saw from the boat we were sitting in were only few pale domes poking out of the water from time to time. Obviously the dolphins preferred to keep their rare status, damn.

The Khone Phapeng waterfalls on the other hand were quite beautiful and impressive, but the mass tourism had arrived here already and we had to “fight” between all the people for a good spot to get a nice picture. Most of the tourists were actually Asians, I guess mainly Thai, Cambodian and Lao people.


Our last night on Don Det we had a little meetup with one of the islands creatures. When we finished our dinner in one of the open air restaurants on the way back to our accommodation (it was pretty dark) we saw a dog barking on something on the ground.

Getting sweet clod refreshment.
Sergej had a little flashlight so we had a proper look what it was. Damn, we couldn’t believe it…a real scorpion. Not very big, but big enough to look a bit scary. It was the first time I saw a scorpion in his “natural” environment (is a village actually a natural environment for a scorpion???). Other foreigners passing by noticed the scorpion as well and stared at it full of respect. Until one of the guys took a wooden stick and killed it before we were able to say something. Knowing a scorpion was moving around freely wasn’t really something that helped us to sleep better, but killing it? I read somewhere that scorpions attack only when they feel attacked themselves. And this one didn’t even harm the dog. Would like to know what the locals would have done with it. Aaaargghh, I know, they might have put it in a little bottle full of alcohol and sell it to tourists, aaaarrrrggghhhh.                    

treadie53 says:
Or skewer it and deep fry! yum? That's from southern China!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
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Here were very close to the Cambo…
Here we're very close to the Camb…
It was a dusty road, OK? Were not…
It was a dusty road, OK? We're no…
Getting sweet clod refreshment.
Getting sweet clod refreshment.
Watterfalls in Southern Laos behin…
Watterfalls in Southern Laos behi…
Mit hurt his foot on a stone befor…
Mit hurt his foot on a stone befo…
A dog discovered a scorpion.
A dog discovered a scorpion.
A little cute scorpion.
A little cute scorpion.
photo by: Stevie_Wes