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My son looked at me and asked how far we were from Poland because he had never been there. I told him that we were pretty close - so he wanted to go there. We were already north of Zilina so the polish border was just around the corner. I had been driving behind a lot of Polish trucks and suddenly there was a good possibility to pass them all.

I put the pedal to the methal and passed them all, but just after I got the smile on my face, I was looking at a policeman in the middle of the road. What now?

I pulled my window down. "Do you speak English and do you have a drivers license" he said. "Yes" I said wondering what was gonna come next - I gave him my old license. I am looking like a criminal on it - so he looked at it twice.

"hmm Mr. Ostergaard - do you have any idea of how fast you where driving?" - "Not too fast" I replied with a big smile on my face but very uncertain about how much that was.

"Mr. Ostergaard, do you have any Slovakian money?  "Yes I have some" I replied. I had just checked when I payed for lunch - I had 2000 - almost the same as 75€.

"Mr. Ostergaard - did you see a white truck?" "No" I replied and that was totally true.

"Mr. Ostergaard - you were doing 129 Km/h - and the speed limit was only 80 km/h! I will have to give you a fine" I was affraid that I had gone even faster.

"Mr. Ostergard - That will be 2000 slovakian money" I was really wondering how he knew that I only had 2000. He gave me 4 tickets of 500 each - I still have them - they had number and seal and everything. 1626790, 1626791, 1626792 and 1626793 - pretty high numbers - he must have stopped a lot of people.

He turned out to be a nice and decent guy. He asked me where we were going - we said Polen and he replied that we should take care and dont drive fast because the police north of the border would just take all our money - without having done anything. He said that we should take care in that city and that city because the police there was well know for doing that. He said goodbye and have a nice day and "drive slower Mr. Ostergaard"  

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Getting stopped by the police in Slovakia!
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