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To visit Iceland there are many good excursions by bus from Reykjavik, a little bit expensive I think but almost everything is expensive there (first of all eating...).

I had no time to go to Jökulsarlon to see the iceberg falling down in the ocean but it must be wonderful. To go there you can find excusions on tuesday and sunday.

I travelled for the Reykjanes peninsula by car and maybe it could be a good idea (maybe still better than the bus excursion) if you want to see the Geyser and the "Gold Cirlce" too, so you can stop wherever you want, just remember to have a good map with you... ;)

Many people recommended me Thorsmork,  but to go there you need a 4x4 car!

In Reykjavik and all over the island there are many swimming pools with sauna and hot water: it is really a pleasure to take a bath there in the evening after a day travelling up and down for Iceland.

About food I think first of all you can appreciate their fish and soups. I hope you'll never eat whales however they usually never insert it in the restaurants menù.

Maybe you should never try the hàkarl too: a putrefied shark meal smelling like ammonia with a disgusting taste.... they use to eat it with a shot of brennevin.

If you are interested in bus excursions from Reykjiavik you can browse this sites:

 Enjoy! ;)

Grpablo says:
When I was there it was raining a little bit but it wasn't so cold: during the day and with the sun it was really nice.
I saw a lot of people living there walking with a t-shirt! I think it is too much but if you find the sun you really will enjoy it.
Just take care about the wind: it is cold.
Posted on: Jul 13, 2009
jin1park says:
I am looking to travel to Iceland around August. How was the weather during that time and would you recommend it?
Posted on: Jul 13, 2009
Manu32 says:
I'd love to visit Iceland!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
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The cathedral
The cathedral
photo by: MadeleineGL