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The rocks at Merry Beach - a good viewpoint during whale migrating season

Okay all, I'm going to let you in on a great little secret.  Merry beach is the place to visit if you're ever in the south coast of NSW.  Just about 40 mins south of Ulladulla lies a most unspoilt belt of beaches, starting with my favourite, Merry beach.

Backing into national park, Merry beach has a permanent caravan park/camping ground, and you can also rent some very nice cabins for a few days and pamper yourself while enjoying the pristine nature around you.  But that's not all, the national park houses thousands of kangaroos and hundreds of them have decided to come to the beach and visit the tourists.  They are ever soooooooooooo cute!  They hang around the beach and you can interact with them, although I wouldn't advise trying to touch them, they are wild.

Feeding some friendly roos
  Having said this, you can feed them bits of bread, etc, but not too much as this isn't their native diet.  Warning: If you decide to feed the roos, better have plenty of bread or you'll get mobbed.

The first time we went down to Merry beach, hubby and I were feeding the roos until the main male of the whole mob approached hubby.  Well, standing up this roo was about 3 metres high and hubby did all but hand him his wallet   Boy, this roo was scary!  He didn't hurt us, but boy he's got big claws.  So we handed over all our bread and ran away.  Luckily, you don't always get the main male in the mob, mostly you get the small roos and wallabies and mother roos with joeys in their pouch.  They are so cute!

And at night you get the possums and their babies coming to get food off the cabins.

Hey, you forgot my piece of bread!
  We had a friendly possum and baby who came and knocked on our door, literally, and we opened the door and gave her some fruit and bread.  But we had to be careful because the roos also jumped onto our verandah and they would've come into our cabin if we'd let them.  This is how used they are to people.

Anyway, Merry beach is a magical place where one can enjoy mile after mile of unspoilt beaches and bushwalking, where roos are friendly, where you can walk to a lonely beaches through the bush and not see another person for miles, where you can see whales swimming around at certain times of year, and where you can see lots of native animals in their natural habitat. 

Great place to visit with the kids, just watch out that a roo doesn't put them in their pouch and skip away with them. 

Accommodation:  Here you can find luxury cabins, caravans or simply rent a space to put your own tent on.

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The rocks at Merry Beach - a good …
The rocks at Merry Beach - a good…
Feeding some friendly roos
Feeding some friendly roos
Hey, you forgot my piece of bread!
Hey, you forgot my piece of bread!
The male roo, very tall and full o…
The male roo, very tall and full …
Just fooling around
Just fooling around
A mob of kangaroos waiting for the…
A mob of kangaroos waiting for th…
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