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So Brussels is in the French speaking part of Belgium, which I didn't realize until I got there. Hell I didn't even know I was going there until 3 days ago. I flew from Belfast to London (yes, I went back to Ireland, I just can't get enough!) and then from London to Brussels. And being the cheapskate that I am I booked the 2 legs of the flight from 2 different airlines and had to wait in the London airport for 12 hours, and got kicked out of a cafe for sleeping on their bench :(

Anyway... so I finally get to Brussels and take a bus from the airport into the city. By this time it's just before midnight and it's just pissing down rain. The bus drops me off at the train station and it takes me forever to figure out where the tram I need to take leaves from. Luckily enough for me though, when I found it my tram was just pulling up. "Number 82 that's me" I think to myself. So I jump on and sit down, only to look around and realize that I am the ONLY girl on the tram. We start moving and the tram goes underground and the underground walls are covered in graffiti. And then the lights start to flicker on and off. And then we pass some freaky carnival. And then another group on guys get on. And suddenly my life feels like the beginning of some horribly scary movie. We keep going and going and I don't see my stop. I want to seem like I don't know where I'm going, which is hard for me to pull off let me tell you. So I wait until all the creepy guys have gotten off before I ask the driver where my stop is. He doesn't speak English. Well ok, like 3 or 4 words. Finally he calls the girl I am staying with using his cell. Turns out that I got on the tram going the wrong way. So he waits with me until I hail a taxi and am on my way. What a nice guy :)

Then the next few days I had time to explore the city. It was fun. The Grand Place is amazing! And the museum of musical instraments is awesome. Definitely worth a visit.

And of course, eat some waffles and drink some beer! :)

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photo by: Vlindeke