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Sunset Florida

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January 5th, 1900World
July 1st, 1988Can Picafort, Spain
August 1st, 1989Salou, Spain
September 1st, 1990Switzerland
March 26th, 1991Frankfurt am Main, Germany
May 18th, 1991Munich, Germany
August 10th, 1991Cologne, Germany
October 5th, 1991Munich, Germany
December 13th, 1991Paris, France
February 29th, 1992Hannover, Germany
March 17th, 1992Munich, Germany
April 17th, 1992Berlin, Germany
June 7th, 1992Paderborn, Germany
July 11th, 1992Cologne, Germany
August 15th, 1992Bavaria, Germany
September 5th, 1992Cologne, Germany
October 22nd, 1992Paris, France
March 11th, 1993Vienna, Austria
March 27th, 1993Hamburg, Germany
July 23rd, 1993Schleswig, Germany
August 31st, 1993Provence, France
February 11th, 1994Berlin, Germany
May 19th, 1994Niedersachsen, Germany
June 3rd, 1994Munich, Germany
August 7th, 1994Mallorca, Spain
September 8th, 1994Cologne, Germany
November 9th, 1994London, England
November 17th, 1994Berlin, Germany
December 17th, 1994Nuremberg, Germany
February 17th, 1995Austria
April 13th, 1995Rome, Italy
June 23rd, 1995Schwalmstadt, Germany
July 29th, 1995Gran Canaria, Spain
September 1st, 1995Berlin, Germany
December 9th, 1995Munich, Germany
April 5th, 1996Black Forest, Germany
June 6th, 1996Berlin, Germany
August 18th, 1996Provence, France
October 3rd, 1996Paris, France
October 27th, 1996Bottrop, Germany
November 27th, 1996Paderborn, Germany
December 5th, 1996New York, United States
February 20th, 1997Berlin, Germany
February 27th, 1997Kassel, Germany
May 27th, 1997Lake Garda, Italy
July 18th, 1997Prague, Czech Republic
October 2nd, 1997Zillertal, Austria
December 13th, 1997Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
February 26th, 1998Gothenburg, Sweden
April 10th, 1998Paris, France
May 21st, 1998Bavaria, Germany
December 4th, 1998London, England
December 28th, 1998Koh Samui, Thailand
February 13th, 1999Willingen, Germany
March 12th, 1999Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 8th, 1999Provence, France
July 10th, 1999Meiningen, Germany
July 17th, 1999Dusseldorf, Germany
August 28th, 1999California, United States
December 4th, 1999London, England
December 31st, 1999Paris, France
February 24th, 2000Venice, Italy
April 14th, 2000Sri Lanka
August 12th, 2000Berlin, Germany
August 22nd, 2000Hannover, Germany
August 31st, 2000Ireland
December 16th, 2000Dresden, Germany
April 7th, 2001Kassel, Germany
June 14th, 2001Tuscany, Italy
August 10th, 2001Bourgogne, France
April 11th, 2002Berlin, Germany
May 10th, 2002Lisbon, Portugal
May 10th, 2002Portugal
August 7th, 2002Bavaria, Germany
December 13th, 2002Thailand
December 13th, 2002Dubai, United Arab Emirates
September 13th, 2003Indonesia
September 13th, 2003Singapore
September 13th, 2003Bali, Indonesia
January 24th, 2004Thailand
January 24th, 2004Bangkok, Thailand
May 18th, 2004Scotland, United Kingdom
June 25th, 2004Munich, Germany
December 16th, 2004Mauritius
March 10th, 2005Berlin, Germany
April 8th, 2005Rheinland-Pfalz , Germany
April 8th, 2005Luxembourg
April 23rd, 2005Spreewald, Germany
May 25th, 2005Venice, Italy
June 24th, 2005Munich, Germany
April 3rd, 2006Morocco
August 15th, 2006Stockholm, Sweden
September 7th, 2006Hamburg, Germany
December 21st, 2006Florida, United States
December 21st, 2006Bahamas
January 19th, 2007Willingen, Germany
June 17th, 2007Andalusia, Spain
July 27th, 2007Bremerhaven, Germany
December 13th, 2007Asia
December 13th, 2007Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 13th, 2007Langkawi, Malaysia
December 13th, 2007Ayutthaya, Thailand
December 13th, 2007Bangkok, Thailand
May 1st, 2008France
May 1st, 2008Andorra
May 22nd, 2008Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany
May 30th, 2008Hamburg, Germany
September 17th, 2008Berlin, Germany
September 27th, 2008Saarland, Germany
December 14th, 2008Florida, United States
December 23rd, 2008Mexico
December 23rd, 2008Yucatan, Mexico
April 6th, 2009Thailand
April 6th, 2009Koh Samui, Thailand
April 6th, 2009Bangkok, Thailand
June 5th, 2009Hamburg, Germany
October 15th, 2009India
October 28th, 2009Maldives
January 2nd, 2010Northeim, Germany
February 20th, 2010Sylt, Germany
March 31st, 2010Bavaria, Germany
March 31st, 2010Munich, Germany
March 31st, 2010Salzburg, Austria
March 31st, 2010Berchtesgaden, Germany
June 3rd, 2010Frankfurt am Main, Germany
July 10th, 2010Wertheim, Germany
July 30th, 2010Bremerhaven, Germany
September 14th, 2010Greece
September 14th, 2010Santorini, Greece
September 23rd, 2010Athens, Greece
December 11th, 2010New York, New York
December 15th, 2010Florida, United States
March 12th, 2011Sylt, Germany
June 10th, 2011Mahe, Seychelles
June 23rd, 2011Dubai, United Arab Emirates
September 9th, 2011Bremerhaven, Germany
November 10th, 2011Rajasthan, India
November 11th, 2011Rajasthan, India
November 11th, 2011Agra, India
March 9th, 2012Berlin, Germany
March 20th, 2012Sylt, Germany
May 17th, 2012United Kingdom
May 25th, 2012London, England
September 15th, 2012Ludwigslust, Germany
September 16th, 2012Rügen, Germany
September 20th, 2012Wolfsburg, Germany
September 30th, 2012Saarland, Germany
February 15th, 2013Bad Lauterberg, Germany
February 15th, 2013Harz, Germany
March 27th, 2013Sylt, Germany
May 5th, 2013Mallorca, Spain
July 12th, 2013Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 7th, 2013Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany
September 7th, 2013Friedrichstadt, Germany
December 18th, 2013Florida, United States
December 18th, 2013Florida, United States
March 7th, 2014Sylt, Germany
June 19th, 2014Hamburg, Germany
July 18th, 2014Bavaria, Germany
July 18th, 2014Graz, Austria
July 19th, 2014Heviz, Hungary
July 26th, 2014Budapest, Hungary
August 1st, 2014Austria
September 19th, 2014Berlin, Germany
November 7th, 2014Singapore
November 11th, 2014Siem Reap, Cambodia
November 15th, 2014Bangkok, Thailand
November 16th, 2014Koh Samui, Thailand
March 15th, 2015Sylt, Germany
April 18th, 2015Northeim, Germany
May 12th, 2015Bad Bruckenau, Germany
May 12th, 2015Fulda, Germany
June 19th, 2015Bad Lippspringe, Germany
July 14th, 2015Cologne, Germany
July 25th, 2015Hameln, Germany
August 22nd, 2015Bad Saarow, Germany
October 29th, 2015Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 27th, 2015Sankt Ingbert, Germany
December 26th, 2015Sylt, Germany
January 19th, 2016Boltenhagen, Germany
March 14th, 2016Berlin, Germany
March 23rd, 2016Glucksburg, Germany
March 24th, 2016Copenhagen, Denmark
March 30th, 2016Weissenhauser Strand, Germany
July 29th, 2016Berlin, Germany
September 16th, 2016Einbeck, Germany
December 3rd, 2016Frankfurt am Main, Germany
January 14th, 2017Noerten Hardenberg, Germany
February 26th, 2017Sylt, Germany
April 11th, 2017Leipzig, Germany
April 11th, 2017Stolberg, Germany
April 12th, 2017Goerlitz, Germany
April 13th, 2017Prague, Czech Republic
June 24th, 2017Austria
June 24th, 2017Bavaria, Germany
June 25th, 2017Vienna, Austria
June 29th, 2017Austria
July 2nd, 2017Merano, Italy
July 5th, 2017Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany
July 21st, 2017Bremerhaven, Germany
August 26th, 2017Mainz, Germany
August 26th, 2017Wiesbaden, Germany
September 21st, 2017Lake Garda, Italy
September 21st, 2017Germany
November 18th, 2017Duderstadt, Germany
November 28th, 2017Hannover, Germany
November 28th, 2017Hamburg, Germany
December 26th, 2017Netherlands
January 25th, 2018Sylt, Germany