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Crocodiles lounging near where we get into the canoes
Lovely breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancake at Royal Park Hotel, and then we walked down the street with only our daypacks to board dug-out canoes for an overnight trip in the national park. It was a lovely, peaceful ride - through a crocodile-infested river! - but the canoes were very low to the water...exactly like Makoro canoes in Africa...and the little wooden chairs got a little uncomfortable after awhile. You could sit cross-legged or slouch down a bit with your life jacket as a pillow, but your legs would still fall asleep! Then the canoe sprung a little leak, so our day packs got damp at the bottom, so I held mine for the last part.

When we arrived at our destination, we switched to a jeep safari. Drove for a bit and stopped at a look-out point for a packed lunch we had brought with us from the hotel.
The intrepid travelers ready for their river safari
Back in the Jeep, we immediately came upon a black rhino in the brush—too far for good photos. We continued along and saw another one...just walking across the road! We took a bunch of photos and then the driver backed up and took a different path and this time the rhino walked into the path so slowly that we all got great shots. Vijay said we were extremely lucky! Most groups don’t see anything like that.

We also saw loads of other animals and birds, but most were either too far away, or moved too quickly for me to get a good shot (got lots of butt shots): sloth bear, wild boar, deer, turtles, peacocks, jackals, eagles, storks, and loads of Siberian ducks, which make the most ridiculous noises, made even funnier because they echo around the river.
Black rhino!

Then they stopped the Jeep and we had to walk for 10 minutes until we reached the river again, and waited for this local lady to come across the river with a much smaller dugout canoe - just 2 people fit, plus the driver - so we had to go across in twos. Vijay and Jeremy went across first and it looked very wobbly and unstable...Vijay said he had fallen in before in this same spot, on his first trip...but we all made it across, even though the driver got us stuck on the sand a few times, and had to get out and push. Our local guide, Captain Underpants, just took his pants off and walked across...the water was only a few inches deep, and maybe up to your thighs in certain parts.

We arrived at River View Lodge, where our hostess, Radha, hooked us up with beers, popcorn and some fresh (and spicy) papadums which Morgan took a nap. Radha made a delicious homemade dinner for us - an egg curry for the vegetarians, a chicken curry, loads of veggies, naan, papadams and a spicy chutney, plus Vijay made a spicy curry too. Morgan and I didn’t think the food was very spicy, but some of our tour mates did. Maybe my palate is more prepared than I had thought!

They made a fire in the fire pit for us and we sat around for a bit of a chat and went to bed fairly early
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Crocodiles lounging near where we …
Crocodiles lounging near where we…
The intrepid travelers ready for t…
The intrepid travelers ready for …
Black rhino!
Black rhino!
Flying peacock
Flying peacock
View from our balcony at River Vie…
View from our balcony at River Vi…
The Intrepid group having a beer a…
The Intrepid group having a beer …
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