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Riverside restaurant on the road to Chitwan
Tried again this morning to see Everest...this time with a different company, but as we were seated at the airport, the flight board changed to read NO VISIBILITY so we did not even get on the plane.

Came back to the hotel, had a lovely made-to-order omelet breakfast, some Nepalese crepe-y pancake thing with fennel seed in it (slightly sweet and yummy) and chai, and then a guy from the Intrepid office took us to the Indian Embassy to see if our e-Visas would work at the border. Most emphatically, they would not - they would only work at the airports. When we asked when they would be ready, he said, Maximum 7 days, when we reminded him we were with a group (and we got the appointment with him because he has a relationship with Intrepid) and they were leaving in 3 days, he said, maximum 4 days, then maximum 3 days, and then I was just really nervous that it would nott arrive in time.
Horrendous road to Chitwan
Plus, the Intrepid agent would have to pick it up and expedite it by air or car to Lumbini, and we would have to pay for that. Then it is an 8 hour drive to Varanasi from the border.

The Intrepid guy walked us through the visa application process, filling out the forms at a small office up the going to another small compound to process the paperwork...until they told us it would be $110USD each and Morgan and I both said forget it, it would be cheaper and less problematic to fly. Our e-visas would work then.

We were driving back to the hotel - everyone was waiting in the van - we felt so bad to keep everyone waiting, but they were very gracious about it. Thankfully they did not sit waiting in the van the whole time - they went out shopping and such.
Dinner at the lovely KC’s Restaurant
We did not get lunch though, so I was happy we had all bought rations (chips, etc.) the day before. Then we started the long and bumpy trip to Chitwan National Park. They are repairing this stretch of road after the earthquake and upgrading it, but they just left it unpaved for almost the entire way...hours of unpaved, rutted roads, and the traffic was awful...full of trucks, and little vans like us that were passing many trucks at a clip on blind curves...with a cliff down to a river on the other side and many dodgy looking bridges. Harrowing, and I am pretty sure my kidneys fell out along the way, along with some other important internal organs. We left at noon, stopped for an hour-long meal around 4pm, and finally arrived at 7pm.

This lodge, Royal Park Hotel, is is rustic and in a big park-like setting. Mosquito coils are in the rooms, but we have not seen bugs yet. We all went to dinner at a place on the opposite side of the just a half block down from our lodge. Vijay said the Indian food was quite good there. It had a huge outdoor sitting area, with several fire pits. The waiters set up a fire pit with several small tables and chairs around it. Morgan and I bought the first round to thank everyone for their patience during our embassy ordeal. The food was indeed chicken tikka was moist and yummy. The cocktails were not as great, but certainly cheap! Back at the room, Morgan bought all our (3) flights to Varanasi (only paying for one of them - $110 Chitwan to Kathmandu - and using frequent flier points for the rest!
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Riverside restaurant on the road t…
Riverside restaurant on the road …
Horrendous road to Chitwan
Horrendous road to Chitwan
Dinner at the lovely KC’s Restau…
Dinner at the lovely KC’s Resta…
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