1696. A City-like Feel

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The hiking trail from Viamala detour high up into the mountainside. The Traveler reluctantly opts to skip the trail and follow the road instead, wanting to make headway on his Journey. Luckily he doesn't have to follow the busy road long, and soon finds himself following the older road, now abandoned.

Finally, after a tranquil stroll in solitude, the gorge comes abruptly to an end, and the Traveler find himself in yet another civilized valley.

Thusis only has a couple thousand people, but it has a bit of a "city" feel—maybe because he's only seen idyllic villages for the last couple of days. It has a regular Main Street with a variety of shops an d a fulls size supermarket. The architecture is pleasant but not super interesting. As he's noted before, villages are Switzerland's strong point not so much cities.

He hears a loud rumble behind him. It's a whole army of bikers. But their not the typical highway bikers that zip across Europe by the hundreds of thousands throughout the summer wearing their "uniforms" of full body leather suits and helmets. No, these guys look like American style Harley Davidson bikers—with their deliberately tough look and unnecessarily loud bikes and a big "fuck you" to anyone who seems annoyed by their presence. The guy in front just gets of his bike in the middle of the road, struts around his bike for a little bit, before getting on again.

Seeing a bunch of gnarly guys sporting facial hair, tattoos and I-wear-whatever-I-want might be normal elsewhere, but it's a but of a jarring contrast with everything else he's seen in Switzerland over these last few days.

Behind the Main Street, the Traveler sees a bit of sprawl, with some random industrial buildings and boxy businesses without a clear order or pattern. Again, not the Switzerland he'd has fallen in love. But then again, not every place can be that idyllic stereotype.

Thusis is the first town with a railway, and the Traveler follows a rather boring trail between the rail line and the river... not much to see on this route.

Sort of an anti-climatic end to an amazing day

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photo by: joesu