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This year will bring more uncertainty. I do anticipate a downward trend in mobility as I wrap up post-graduate education. I am also dedicating this year as a family man therefore many travel dreams are put on hold. At least for now....

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January 1st, 2018Yokohama, Japan
January 1st, 2018Samukawa, Japan
January 2nd, 2018Tokyo, Japan
January 12th, 2018Fujisawa, Japan
January 13th, 2018Kamakura, Japan
January 22nd, 2018Yokohama, Japan
March 16th, 2018Honolulu, Hawaii
March 17th, 2018Honolulu, Hawaii
March 21st, 2018Kapolei, United States
March 21st, 2018Pearl Harbor, United States