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The flexibility of Greyhound's Discovery Pass has payed off. Anette and me were preparing ourselfs to spend 15 hours on the bus from Flagstaff to Salt Lake City, after having to acknowledge that doing all the fantastic parks of southern Utah, just wasn't possible without a car. Sitting waiting for a bus at midnight isn't the greatest thing, so we were both quite grumpy, trying hard to ignore the long line in front of us, which might fill up the bus before we could get to the gate, when we were joined by two italian guys we had met on the hostel arranged trip to Sedona, and I had hung out with the night before. They were on the same bus as us, but getting off in St. George, apparantly the town working as base for trips to Zion and Bryce. They didn't know how they'd get to the national parks, but confident something would come their way. A bit different attitude towards travelling than ours... Anette and me debated in the bus; I had already said that I'd love to see the parks again since I didn't have much time with GT (+ the wheather had been terrible) and really thought Anette would love them, sharing a car four people would be fairly cheap since the guys had passed the magic age of 25. So when the guys got ready to leave the bus in St. George we jumped off as well, not giving them much chance to refuse our company ;-)

We found a car, headed to Zion, where the sun was shining, I could barely recognise it! It's not that it was more beautiful, just different because of the sharp sunshine. First we did a short, but steep, hike up to a small hidden canyon which was fantastic since it wasn't a main attraction and it felt like we were the only humans for miles.

Off course we had to do the Narrows as well, which is definetely the most popular route in Zion; it's an easy short paved trail into the narrow part of the canyon. On the way we saw a little deer family grasing and sweat little squirrels tricking food from the tourists. At the end of the trail you can walk further in the river, and so we did for a mile or so. Luckily Anette chose to stay behind after a little while in the muddy river, so we could leave all our stuff with her, because at a point I had to swim a little bit, and I don't think my camera had been too pleased with that... It was amazing, and we kept wanting to know what was around the next bend, but realising it continued for 16 miles, we turned around.

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Saint George
photo by: rsvpme