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Written in Richmond, VA 19/06/82

My first tour on the big old Greyhound went alright, the service people there don't come much grumpier, but I can't blame them, I guess it's not the most exciting job. I had to be there an hour in advance, and got chatting to this american girl who was doing a big project on the European Union, couldn't believe it, good for her. I was slightly offended when she said she was against the European Union, like her opinion counts, she's american... I'd rather chat to this other guy, who had never been out of the states and lived on some mountain with loads of dogs, outside Charlottesville. Well, at least I know more about the EU now...

The bus trip was smooth, except for a short break where a passenger asked if she could sit in the seat behind the driver (he hads put his jacket and bag on the seat, and the bus was pretty full) which resulted in her getting kicked out of the bus and the driver threatening with calling the police... I was sitting right up front and the woman didn't seem threatening in any way... I just kept my head down, no good me getting kicked off as well. No police was involved and we arrived in Charlottesville only 10 min late. I slept most of the 3 hours drive, and missed most of the scenic tour...

Julie was waiting for me, and I couldn't believe it had been over a year since I saw her! We had some lunch and picked up another of her and Emily's friends, Annie, who was down from NYC. Then I finally got to see Emily, who was looking fantastic but very hassled, no wonder getting married the next day. Annie and me stayed with Julie at her dad's house, a beautiful place on a mountain side, the driveway is 10 min on gravel road, so quite isolated, but fantastic view. The wedding next day was beautiful, everything seemed to be by the book, but in a personal way.

Sunday was hangover day, but I got to go for a little walk on Mr Garnetts land, chatting to the cattle and bullfrogs. We also managed to drive through a bit of the mountains up to Julies mum's place, unfortunately it was very misty, and I didn't get a good look at the famous Shenandoah Valley, so it looks like I have to come back another time :-) On the way we passed a real trailerpark, but Julie thought it was a bad idea to go knock on one of the doors to say hi... Another time perhaps. On the way back we had a look in Super Walmart in Waynesboro, where I wasn't dissappointed to see an erray of typical americans (Julie's words) You know what I mean. It was really cheap and I found a 2gb memory card for $89, unbelievable! So now I don't have to worry about pictures, I just hope I can find a cheap battery as well. I'll get some on this site very soon, hopefully when I'm in Philly for a few days. 

Julie and her dad dropped me off in Richmond this morning, where I hoped to see the museum of Fine Arts, but it's off course closed monday... Instead I trecked around Maymont, a great big park, with a little petting zoo, and has just wandered around since then, getting my shoulders even redder. You won't believe how fantastic the weather is, the sun is just too strong, and walking around with a backpack (only the small one though) makes it impossible to keep up with the sunscreen (sorry mum). Forunately I found the library where I have a chance updating my blog and get out of the sun for a while.

Tonight I'm on the 2am Greyhound to Philadelphia, which will be an experience... But it's a 6 1/2 hours drive, and I'm not going to waste a day on that.

This entry might be a bit too long, I hope you don't mind, don't worry, it probably won't be the standard.

travelman727 says:
I hope you have a wonderful summer in our good ol' USA!
Posted on: Jun 16, 2006
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