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I am so glad someone told me about Philly, it has so much history and interesting things to offer. I only associated it with skyskrapers (funny, I've no idea how to spell that word...) and boring city people. But it's the site of the first congregation and the signing of the independence declaration and all that stuff. It gets slightly boring after a while when you don't really know anything about this subject, and it doesn't relate to me being from Denmark. But in any case it's all good to know a bit about, and now I've got pics of locations where the outlay for this current country was established- I've walked where Washington's walked and all that.

I arrived yesterday after taking the overnight Greyhound, so I was exhausted, and couldn't get my bed untill 16.30. I could leave my backpack at the hostel (which most of all resembles a squad house..) and start sightseeing. All the guide books I've checked out said go to Independence Square, and it was close, so I did that: Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. But nodded off during the tour and realised I needed a bite to eat and a lie-down. It's extremely hard to find decent lunch in this country. If you like burgers, greasy sandwiches and such it's fine, and I do like that stuff once in a while but not when I need to eat it everyday, so I always spend quite a bit of time looking for a decent meal. I'm looking forward to travelling with Anette, it's easier to cook in the hostel when you're two, or go to a restaurant (I'm not at the point where I can eat out at a decent restaurant by myself, yet)

I'm sorry, I keep darting off in all directions ;-)

Today I started at the Rodin museum, I didn't realise how great his sculptures are, I found them truely inspiring. Then I spend 2 1/2 hours at the Eastern State Penitentiary, it was closed in 1970 and practically a ruin now, and I love ruins. The audio guide was narrated by Steve Buschemi and was very good. I often get tired after an hour with stuff like that, but this time I didn't realise how much time I spent there. 

There's loads of stuff to do here in Philly, but it's all so expensive. To be honest, I'm slightly fed up with the big-city-sightseeing and loud americans, so am really looking forward to explore the national parks and such on the Green Tortoise Trip.

 How silly is this: it seems like my computer keeps giving me 15 min extra everytime I only have 5 left, I'll probably end up spending my whole afternoon here... No I'm going now, to check out South Street and the more bohemian side of Philly.

This is the last entry for a while, since I won't be writing while I'm on the bustrip, but I'll be back with loads to tell.

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