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After 5 sweaty hours in a crowded nightbus from St. George (although we got cramped in the hot backseat at the toilet, we were just happy not to have to spend the night on the bench in St. George) it was such a relief to step out of the bus into the signifficantly cooler air of Salt Lake City.

I was anxious to get to 9 o'clock were my mum would be home so I could get the news on wether or not I would be starting school in september... It has been haunting my mind more intensely the last few days. The news my mum had for me was not what I hoped for: I'm not gonna start untill february, too many people applied for start in september... It's a real bummer I just did not expect, which I guess was a bit naive of me. Hey-ho: at least I'm accepted, it's just my bad luck.

Now my mind is already racing with plans for the next half year, my mum didn't find it funny when I said I'd stay here in the US which would be great though... I'ts a fantastic country: so diverse, full of friendly people (except the Greyhound service people) and just so different than Europe (sorry if I'm repeating myself)

Tonight we're on the bus again heading for Seattle (which is a city everyone seems to love) a 19 hours ride, which hopefully will be the longest we'll do on this trip. Because of our divertion at St. George, we haven't showered for 2 days, are down to the last pair of clean knickers and socks, and my travelling trousers are stiff with dirt. (Un-)Fortunately we're not the ones smelling and looking the worst on the Greyhound... I'm really looking forward to spend at least 3 nights in Seattle, get all my laundry done, sleep and eat a fresh homecooked meal (hotdogs on a grill doesn't count)

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