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Our trip to South Africa is not a smooth one. We discussed the trip six month prior of booking the flight tickets, and I have checked the guide books about the visa and vaccine requirements.  But I forgot to check the South Africa embassy website for the update.  Apparently a New Zealander need a visa to go there now…due to a political reason, whereas previously we can go there freely without visa and can stay up to 3 months. 

I was decline online boarding 24 hours before departure.   Oh gosh… we were panic and hardly able to close our eyes at night time.  We devise a plan as follow:

  1. Go to the South African embassy tomorrow morning to get an emergency visa and pay whatever price they ask so we can catch our flight.
  2. My best buddy fly first to South Africa since he does not need visa, and I will fly in one week later, and meet somewhere at the Kruger National Park main rest camp.
  3. Changed our departure date until next month.

Finally satisfied with our plan at 2 am in the morning, we drink bourbon to get to sleep.

The next morning, we were up at 6am and get ready to go to the South African embassy in Copenhagen Denmark.  By the opening time at 9am, we were waiting at their front door. 

Unfortunately the embassy unable to process an emergency visa for me, and they said they need to send my application to New Zealand for an approval and it would takes 3 to 4 weeks’ time.  What a heck.. a very strange process.

It is also need so many documents, return tickets, hotel reservation for the 2.5 weeks we will be there, insurance policy,  yellow fever certificate, and a 3 months bank statement, to make sure we are fully loaded and not a burden to the country.

I guess we cannot do anything now and we will miss our flight, so within 3 hours before we supposedly to depart, we contacted the airlines to change the booking.  Luckily we managed to do that with a high fee unfortunately, since we purchased a discount tickets.  Once this is done, we have to change hotels and car rental reservation – with an additional fee as well.

Alas, the “Sanpark” website in Kruger National Park where we booked the hotels was down, and we could not change our reservation.  It seems the “Murphy Law” is hard at work.  We tried to email them and fax the new itineraries for our next trip which will depart in 5 weeks time.  As a result, we loss one night hotel reservation for our first night there.

In 3 weeks time, I received a phone call from the embassy and it said my visa has been approved and ready for collection tomorrow morning.  Yohoiiii…… I was excited and soo look forward to go and get away from the cold day in Copenhagen.

Finally, it was time for boarding (this time is for real and it has accept my online check in). The flight was very smooth, it takes 7 hours to Doha with a couple of hours transit and then continue to Johannesburg for another 9 hours.

I could not sleep on the plane and ended up watch many movies until we landed. Shhh..... I might sleep a  little while listening to the music....

Ils1976 says:
that is the most important thing, after a while you forget the hassle when you see the animals!
Posted on: Feb 13, 2018
gingerbatik says:
thanks for the congrats. It was such a stressful start of the journey, but at least the trip was interesting with so many wild life viewing, and we almost get attack by the mother elephants trying to protect their babies.
Posted on: Feb 11, 2018
starship1 says:
That is quite a story! I'm glad you finally made it to South Africa! Congrats on having today's featured blog!
Posted on: Feb 11, 2018
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