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All Souls' Day, what a day to wake up to. Although not particularly known as a holiday here in Belgium unlike All Saints Day, for once I am so lucky that I can sleep in. By the time it is 8 AM, I decide to get up and make things ready for an amazing journey to come and as soon as I got my tummy filled with delicious food, I say goodbye to my parents and hit the road or to be more precise, the train coz a little after 12 o'clock I have a meet up with the best travbuddy there is in the whole wide world, Tania.

I guess we can set time on eachother coz we were almost at the same time at the agreed place and after a cup of hot tea and saying our goodbyes to Tania's parents, it is time to take the train towards Schiphol.

Sadly enough we aren't going to leave today. Technically our holiday starts tomorrow, but when you are travelling to such a cool place like Amsterdam, you know you have to be at the scene a little bit earlier and since Tania still needed to visit a hotel in the neighbourhood of Damrak, we knew we were in for a great afternoon.

As soon as we arrived in Schiphol, we dropped of our luggage at the hotel and onwards we went to the center of Amsterdam. I don't know why, but even when it is grey and gloomy, the city has something special. It always makes me smile, maybe the "medicinal herbs" have something to do with it ... who knows!?

3 PM in the afternoon sounds still early but as it was starting to get dark, the both of us hurried to the hotel, where we got a friendly welcome from the hotel owner. He quickly guided us through several floors and rooms and although you might say that it is your typical hotel, its visitors need to be in great shape coz there is no elevator in the building, only small and steep stairs ... it is something different that's for sure.

Saying our goodbyes to the staff of the hotel, it was back on the street again and finally we could really start enjoying our beginning of our holiday and the best way to do that is by shopping! In our case it was more windowshopping than anything else since we couldn't bring much with us, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have a bit of fun gazing at all the beautiful things that were for sale!

At 6 PM, we were getting a little bit hungry and just like last year, we went for a Mexican dinner. Only this time we tried out something what looked like a tourist trap for sure. Maybe it was and I have to admit it wasn't the best food we had eaten, but we had a great time and we had a nice talk with our neighbours, an older Indian couple from the States. All in all it was a more than memorable evening and I guess the dessert at the "Golden Arches" across our hotel at Schiphol had something to do with that as well.

By the time it was almost midnight we closed our eyes coz tomorrow morning we had an early start and I was so looking forward to that. Africa is still a continent that is so knew to me and besides a few trips to Egypt, I don't really feel that I have seen much of this continent, but knowing me I am sure more trips are going to follow!

Ils1976 says:
I don't know why that happened Paul, coz the interesting stuff is still to come but thanks so much! :D
Posted on: Dec 31, 2017
Jacqinmiddenamerika says:
Congrats on your featured blog!! Way to go!! :D
Posted on: Dec 27, 2017
Paulovic says:
Oh, just started and featured already! I haven't even started reading anything from Africa yet... Nevertheless congrats on your featured blog!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2017
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