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The gardeners house Polesden Lacy, one of the many National Trust houses you can visit, the grounds are vast and the house itself is stunning.

This link has loads of info, not the best site for the tourist stuff as it may try to spread out tourists to areas that aren't as busy as others, and are less interesting, but it has a good link to accommodation, to give you a few choices if you're still weighing your options there. The places listed here are accredited by the tourist board so they're bound to be on the level. So, although I probably wouldn't go crazy over all their thoughts here on sightseeing, it's somewhere to start from.

This site has listings of the 2 for 1 offers if you travel by rail. It's also linked through www. which is also helpful.

This is one of the best travel sites out there. It has all sorts of info if you search for London or England, and pretty much everywhere else you want to know any info about. Best part, it's totally free and links through which is a free encyclopedia (it comes in useful for school too just so you know).

A bit more general Info

When you enter the country, have your landing card filled out ahead of time so you can get into the line as soon as possible at immigration.

Hampton Court Palace, the back by the gardens and fountain
The line can get bloody long so I suggest you use the loo before the plane lands cause the line can last anywhere from 10 minutes (on those days you want to cry cause its just so great) to 2 hours (which I've done more than once). Coming into Gatwick is great cause it's not as busy as Heathrow, the longest I've waited at Gatwick was about 40 minutes. But, this airport is further out from London and you have to use a separate train system as it is out of zone for a normal travel card, so you then have to buy a travel card as well when you get into London... it's train changing goodness.

-Immigration Details from Non EU-(some applies to EU as well)

You will need to know:
Where you are staying for when you fill the card out, they'll want a proper address, not just a city name.

Big Ben

You should print out your flight details with your return flight time and flight number, they sometimes ask to see it.
Have your passport out, you will hand it over with your landing card.
You should have a number in your head £££ to give them of what you have to spend for the vacation (they do sometimes ask for a number so best be prepaired).

Hints for traveling to, from and in the UK
  • Wear comfortable shoes when you go out during the day, you'll get in lots of walking here, gym shoes aka trainers or running shoes whatever you want to call them, are the best option. In sandals you get your toes stepped on and some leave blusters. Heels are a bad idea too, the pavements in this country are not even and you can roll your ankle easily... Also, it's wet here a lot, puddles, rain, ect, so it's a good idea to bring two pairs of walking shoes so you can wear one whilst the others dry out.

  • Summers aren't too bad here and in Scotland and Wales it tends to be cooler but the weather can change quickly and we can get a load of rain. So bring umbrellas and something light to wear at night like a hoodie, but a jacket isn't normally necessary.

  • If you like a specific type of headache pill bring it with you, same with PMS medication. As far as I am aware, there are no forms of Pamprin or Midol here, and it takes too much time when you feel like crap to look through the backs of pill bottles to find something you're not sure will work. Same with headache pills, there is no Tylanol, there's something called paracetamol which is like aspirin and then Nurofen which is an Ibuprofen... Just an example. So, if you need anything stock up before you get here it's just easier and safer than trying new things.

  • If you are staying at a hostel, hotel, anywhere where there may be security issues and a safe in a room is not bolted down, keep your passport on you at all times. And, you should have gotten a card with your passport with your number and the phone numbers of the US counsel?? Keep it in your wallet or pocket, not with your passport, because if something happens to your passport that card can get you taken care of faster.

  • Lastly sleep on the plane on the way over here and you'll be fine, if you don't sleep on the plane the jet lag will hit you and you'll be sleeping through the day here.

So, there's some tips and links for England.  Wiki travel is loaded with info for just about everywhere so it's not just England, but it's so great I have to share!  Check it out.  I really love London and the Uk in general so I hope everyone who comes here has a great time!  There is an occasional jerk around, but hay, where isnt there?  Dont let it ruin your trip if one little things goes wrong!  Just enjoy and have a fab time.

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The gardeners house Polesden Lacy,…
The gardeners house Polesden Lacy…
Hampton Court Palace, the favorite…
Hampton Court Palace, the favorit…
Hampton Court Palace, the back by …
Hampton Court Palace, the back by…
Big Ben
Big Ben
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