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I have sent a message to the travel agent concerning flight options out of here.  Every moment I spend here gets me more upset that I actually allowed myself to go into this country.  Almost everyone here has pictures of the head of Hezbollah on the back of their car, hell, he even made a cameo appearance at the big fook up crusader castle. I have heard people's opinions on the subject; i.e. its okay that people here do this because Israel is bad or some other garbage, or that people are just ignorant or whatever and well, that doesn't make give me the warm and fuzzieseither.  Honestly, I don't think that either side is correct but I do know that when I was in Israel a few years ago, they didn't have posters glorifying the deaths of innocent civilians (my favorite poster has to be the one with a smoking apartment block obviously in Israel from the rocket attacks and the head of Hezbollah holding up a machine gun and the symbol of Hezbollah displayed behind him) and the murderers who perpetrated them.   I feel dirty just being here and well, that's pretty easy to do since this is by the far the dirtiest, ugliest place, I've found myself in.  And I've been to a few dirty, ugly, places (north west Philly for example).   But that's not why I'm leaving, I'm leaving because I feel that by staying here, spending money here, .. doing anything here, that I am somehow condoning the actions of these people and I will not be used like that, not now, not ever.

chivato says:
Hmm not sure what drugs you're on, but if you have more of them, perhaps you should share. Syria was an awful experience for me. Maybe this is just a unique set of circumstances to my trip but frankly, I wouldn't suggest anyone going to visit there. Nobody I cared about anyway and most of the people I don't. But if you enjoy it, then well, more power to you..
Posted on: Sep 21, 2007
Rashidtheone says:
Hama , very nice city and small , place middle syria south aleppo north damascus near from sea city latakia, main places u must go see there the water wells (noria) and river (al_asse) must see the ( hama castle ) parts from castle destroy before by earth quake before long years and the market big you feel tired before complete all market streets , walk in the old city parts try see the day and night u will remember there places in computer games like tomb raider and prince of persia ;) , the city save 100% , u found hotels cheap there in city center and 5 star big hotel called ( afamia ) , u can say this city cheaper city in syria , u can see the city walking and go to bus garage walking too to try see another citys , by the way u need digital cam with big memory ;)
Posted on: Sep 20, 2007
Rashidtheone says:
omg what happen for u :)))) u make travel to see place new not to talk about ppl every 1 free do what like to do u not god
Posted on: Sep 20, 2007
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