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Again, this is going to be a short entry..

the past few weeks I have been in ireland with family and friends.  The short list of things that we have done are as follows: dublin, portrush (giant's causeway), the bushmills distillery, a very old celtic hilltop fortress outside of derry, the west coast highway around that part of the penninsula, sligo, ancient celtic burial mound around there (along with very scenic drive), galway, the ayan islands (inis mor, specifically), the celtic fortress there (one of the oldest in all of europe), driving through connemara (amazing), the cliffs of mor (not as impressive as the cliffs on inis mor), the dingle penninsula (incredible), the ring of kerry (wow), the "highlands" of kerry (breathtaking), cork (stinky and filled with insects of a ravenous nature), and back to dublin again...

It was a lot of driving and a good survey of the country although next time around, I think I'd rather just pick a place and make short day trips.  First day with the car, I smashed the passenger side mirror off the vehicle as I moved to avoid a bus that had wandered into my lane by at least 2 feet (can we say, "horray for full coverage?" I know I can).  Roads in ireland are SMALL and the vehicles are small.. which means, well, not so much comfort to be had if you have 4 people in the car.. also, getting an automatic is like an invitation to being screwed.  So, if you're going to drive in ireland, make sure you know stick... I will give up a bunch of other really great tips (or something) later when I'm not completely exhausted and all that..

Something to note: my middle east tour (which is happening next after a stop in munich and slovenia) does not take me into Lebanon (just Syria), although I have to say that my enthusiasm for the adventure has certainly diminished.  I am going to investigate my options since while I figure I should be safe, it is giving much of my family heartburn.  Needless to say, hearing reports of israeli bombs hitting civilian targets close to the border between lebanon and syria does not engender a feeling of safety... anyway, I will give details when I have them.  At the moment, I am thinking I will try to make the turkey part of my trip longer and then.. well, either eat it with the rest of the trip around that part of the world or see about comign back into europe and then down into egypt and pick up from there.. but all that is speculation.  In any regard, happy and well..

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