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In the afterlife, you could be headed for the serious strife.  Now you make the scene all day, but tomorrow there'll  be hell to pay.

-- Squirrel Nut Zippers, Hell

So, I'm sick.. some sort of head cold.. feeling a bit better than I did yesterday but still am not nearly 100%.. so I figure I'll coast, ride this out and if I'm not feeling better by the time I hit Christchurch, grab a doctore and get it settled.  So today's entry is going to be about me being complaining about various bits and things..

For example:

I'm in a 3 bed dorm over at the hostel, my two new roomates are obviously a couple.  But paying for a double is more expensive so I guess they figured they'd shell out for two beds in the triple and hope that the third bed would be empty.  Since it wasn't, they just decided that they'd sleep together and make out in the mornings like I wasn't there or couldn't hear them.  Ugh.

Hmm. not too much else I can complain about, other than being sick.. which sucks.  Seems like Gavin has a head cold as well.  I figure it was the bus ride that did me in.  I had more to say but it seems to have escaped me.. so I think I'll leave it at this.. short, simple, to the point.

Be safe.

Update: the only thing worse than roomates that suck face when you're in the room is that when they leave, they leave the door to your room unlocked.  Lucky that nobody came in and stole my stuff, that would have really sucked.  Bleh.

PS: sabres are 11-1.  Not bad.

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