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to those of you who do not know me well, well, i like to use "well" a lot.  that and i used to live here in munich, a long time ago, and not a particularly long time, but significant enough in its timing in my life. one of the things i most enjoyed was to wander down the pedestrian zone in the middle of the city at some ungodly hour because i was suffering some sort of insomnia or homesickness or something and just being the only person around.  not really possible during this time of year, too many people, but significantly reduced at 3am...  something about experiencing the city at that time, where you have the sites to themselves, where the frauenkirche looms large under the lights, the neuesrathaus and the marienplatz, your's to do what you please.. a rendition of "singing in the rain" or a close inspection of the neogothic spires ...

of course, the only reason that i am up at this hour is that my roomate at the hostel snores like .. well, i swear the guy could shake the shutters or stands some sort of risk of sucking the top bunk ontop of him.  i found it odd that the top bunk was missing its mattress, but now i think that the guy that was supposed to sleep there decided to move into a different room or some such.  in any regard, i figure i'll just wander around the city with everything closed, watching the street cleaners pick up the mess and maybe grab the first pastries from the bakeries when the start to open around 5... then off to the airport.  with any luck one of the lounges will have a location to nod off for a few hours before the flight (or I'll sleep on the flight and risk getting really messed up jet lag wise).

hope you're all sleeping well..  or enjoying your friday.
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photo by: AleksandraEa