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Really it does.  The volcanic activity in this area manifests itself in steaming hot pools of mud, water and .. well, sulfer.  Its not overpowering but there is a stench in this place, much like the stench that one used to get when crossing the father baker back in the good ole days of the steel plant.  When I was here last time, all that we did (granted we were rather tired) was head up to the mountain, get fabulous views of the surrounding area and take sleds down the concrete tracks.  This time, I opted against it because I didn't think such a thing would be as much fun, esp without the boys there egging you on to go faster.  Instead, this time it will be cultural.  Tonight I'll be heading to the forest to experience a Maori festival/fest.  Yes, its touristy but at the same time you do (according to everyone that I have met who has done it) get a fair amount of cultural information about the Maori people.  For example, the haka, is the traditional Maori dance and it is performed by the New Zealand rugby team before each match.

Although this site properly explains this in a far better fashion than I would be able to.  While we didn't get a whole lot of time to explore the place properly the first time around, this time I have found it to be quite interesting and engaging for a small town.  I could certainly find a few days worth of activity in the surrounding area were I to have that much time.. can't say that my feelings of warmth toward the place aren't helped a little bit by the fact that I just had an awsome massage/scrub down at the polynesian spa.  I mean who wouldn't like a place after that?

Oh and for those of you who are getting absentee ballots right about now, fill them out.  Seriously.  Getting rid of the dangerously incompetitant people running the country should be a priority for all thinking people.

PS: Buffalo Sabres are 6-0.  Booyah.
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photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee