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Hmm. so I'm here in the capitol and I have to say that I'm .. well, cold.  Cold and wet.  Its been raining all day today.. the day before, the day before that, the day before that.. and the forcast for the next three days.. rain, rain and rain.  Tried to schedule this part of the trip to avoid the weather and unfortunately, it appears that I have definitely caught some of the winter weather as NZ here decides whether or not summer is going to show up at all or if winter is going to continue .. looks like winter is winning out.   Oh well.  I guess having a bit of downtime isn't a bad thing.  I've escaped into an internet cafe to listen to the sabres game after wandering around the city for awhile.  Yesterday was labour day so there wasn't much of anything going on.  Had a few beers, started working out the rest of my itinerary..  very laid back.  Probably is going to be much of the same when I head across the water to the south island tomorrow.  Good thing that I bought a couple of books, I ran through Angels and Demons in just under 3 days (when its raining all the time, well, there is little else you can really do).  Its a better book than the Davinci Code although I do think that Brown's attempts at romance in his novels are a bit heavy handed and well, not really well done.  If he left that out, it probably would have been a better book and probably about 50 pages shorter.  Not really sure what his deal is but he does like to have exotic foreign women in his tales...

So, its that time again.. bus thoughts:  today's bus thought, why don't guys pee in the sink instead of the toilet?  Is it just because its convention that we do it or is there some real reason?  I mean, it'd definitely use a lot less water to rinse out the sink vs. flushing the toilet and knowing that most places on earth outside of the US have a "half flush" just to get rid of this kind of waste, wouldn't this be far more efficient?  Granted, for those guys who weren't tall enough to reach the sink it could definitely be an issue.  But then they'd just have to resort to the toilet..

For the record, I use the toilet, I'm just wondering..

Other random thoughts.. I was watching vidoes in the bar yesterday night and they had "mysterious ways" on from U2.  Who the heck thought it would be a good idea to dress bono up in a pink flaired frilled shirt?  Was it his idea or the directors?  Whoever it was, should have had his head checked.  Also, is AC/DC the ugliest band in the history of music?  I mean, collectively, are the ugliest band or what?

PS: sabres are 9-0.  Will they lose this season?

PPS: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061021/ap_on_re_us/seattle_slogan this is f-ing terrible.  No really, terrible.  Pay me half the amount they spent to come up with this piece of trash and I could give you something equally as bad.. actually, that might take me some effort.  How about "stupidville"?  Come visit stupidville. 

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