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So i'm here in greymouth, which is probably the worst stop on the tour..  oh well.  There are places that the bus stops and this is one of them.  The upside is that it is the home of the Monteiths brewery which will be tonight's bit of entertainment.. that and the all blacks playing england in rugby.  As I have mentioned, I will be silently rooting for england since I don't have to have my head bashed in.  Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices, gratefully this is not one of those times.

I spent a lovely day in picton, which was picturesque.. I decided to basically just waste the day away reading, making myself a good little feast and drinking some of the local wine.  Picton is in the malborough region of New Zealand which is where many of the country's finest wines are to be found.  So I figured it would be downright wrong of me not to at least partake a bit in the local fare.  Which was good.  I also ran into a guy from the basque region of Spain and went to one of the two pubs in town for a couple of pints over some good conversation.  Seems that the only people I have run into on this trip have been either accountants and software developers (and people who just get out of school and have no real desire to get a job and are fortunate enough to have people who can support their trip..).  Although there was that odd underwear designer for victoria secret I ran into yesterday.. Let me tell you, that has to be a tough job.  I, of course, asked her if they had any need for mobile designers.  I'd take one for the team on that, only as long as I didn't have to wear any of their products.  Although I have heard that it can be quite liber... nevermind.

Yesterday I was in Nelson, which is the sunshine capital of new zealand.  How do I know?  Cause the brochure tells me so.  It was pretty sunny when we went out for the 3 hour sea kayaking .. but by the time we had headed off to do the 4 hour hike, well, it was just pissing down rain.  I got completely soaked.  Shame really because the abel tasman national park is well worth a visit and very scenic.. but most of the 2 hours we did the trek in was done at quite a pace.  No pictures.  Actually, this part of the trip so far as been very much devoid of photos because of the rain.  I don't feel like chancing it with the camera as I have heard that electronics and wet don't get along well.  Like the time when I accidentally spilled water into my iPod.  Couldn't adjust the volume for days.. I'm lucky it still works.

Anyway, things are going along.. my little bout of seasonal depression was taken care of with the sunshine and.. just meeting a few cool people along the way.    Cheers.  Oh, no strange bus thoughts today.. although you never know what pop in the head after a few pints.

PS: Sabres are 10-0.

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photo by: Mezmerized