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okay, so my last entry was a dog ate my homework kind of entry.. the hostel here (yes, I'm in a hostel and I'm on a tour.. strange.. not super happy about that, esp. since the place didn't have AC and it was at least in the mid-80s last night) has internet but its sporadic and tends to cut people off without warning.  So I figure I can avoid that by keeping things brief.

I really enjoyed istanbul, got a lot of fabulous shots although it took awhile to get over the whole .. well, difference of it all.  I haven't been in a country that I didn't know any bit of the language and while many turks do know english (or enough of it to try to drag you into a rug shop) it was still very unfamiliar and in some regard scary experience.  But, got over that right quickly and got to see the hagia sophia, the blue mosque the tokapi palace.. things that one should definitely see if they only have a day in istanbul.  All in all, a very good day.

Yesterday, on our way here, we stopped in galipoli which was.. well, tough.  I find it difficult going to war memorials, esp ones that are basically dedicated to a lot of people dying for absolutely nothing.  Over the course of the war here the most motion people got (this is trench warfare ww1, just in case you're lost) was about 8 meters of ground.  I think the entire width of the penninsula could not be more than 3 miles across..   hundreds of thousands of people either died here or in hospitals or of wounds.. honestly, it just doesn't make sense.  In any regard, a fair portion of the australian and new zealand population died during this fighting so there are large memorials to those fighters and it is visited by many of them .. its sort of a pilgrimage and the prime ministers of both countries make a special visit on anzac day.  Anyway.. it was a long travel day and today is probably going to be worse.  Off to troy...

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photo by: irmayu