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random notes:  should always do updates for the travel journal in gmail first so I can a. spell check them and b. have them should the computer you're working on crash. bleh.
So I find myself attempting to replace what I had written earlier.  I'm in london, got here in one piece.  The end of two days worth of travel, but that was by design.  Madness and methods and all that.  I got to meet up with a friend of mine on the other end of the flight, Dina.  Which is a good thing, since while I have all the confidence in the world that I could navigate the tube stations to get me to my final destination, it would have proven difficult as I didn't print out a copy of the hostel directions.  Bad me.  Yes, I know. 
It's been unseasonably warm here in london today.
  They use the goofy metric system so I won't bother to give you a degree on it, I'll just call it hot.  Hot and humid, which I should be thankful isn't wet and cold.  And I am, since I was able to get a number of really great pictures of the tower bridge (from london bridge) and the castle and the themes around sunset, etc.  In general, I thought that I was pretty lucid for it being 4am PST.  With any luck, having kept myself up, I will force myself into local time.  
I have to say, I love london, like I love NYC.  In fact, I think of london as europe's new york city.  It has the museums, the history, the culture, the shopping, the food.  Unfortunately, it also has the traffic, the people, the .. traffic and people.. just crazy.  Everyone with somewhere to go, everyone trying to get there at the very instant.  Buses jam packed with people rushing to get to wherever it is they go to after work (or sitting along the queen's walk along the themes..).  
Seriously, I have never seen so many people outside drinking since I was last in new orleans.  I made mention of it on the walk to Dina.  Garbage on the streets, people outside drinking, incredibly hot and humid, if only there were two girls making out and 600 male japanese tourists taking photographs of them, I'd swear I was in New Orleans.  
Hmmm. I have to cut this short.. 
So here's the random thoughts for the evening.
You're going to have to put up with the spelling mistakes and the like, esp if I can't do a copy and paste from gmail .. since well, these hostel computers only allow one window at a time.
My bag rocks.  I'm now an expert on getting the day bag attached and unattached.  It is however not the kind of bag you want to have going through london during rush hour on any form of public transportation.  
Hmm. it's only 8:20pm and I'm so looking forward to sleep that I may go to bed now.
Funshine says:
Sounds like things are off to a good start! :)
Posted on: May 04, 2006
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